Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Breakfast Fairy Challenge - Part Two

Just had to share this great email that I just received from my dad. What amazing timing as it was obvious he not yet seen my BLOG post from yesterday when he decided to take on the challenge and play the role of Breakfast Fairy.

Pretty damn cool!

Just in case your's a pic of my folks with Josh peeking over Grandma's shoulder.

Hi Steve,

Yesterday morning Mom and I went to Le Chantilly for our favorite Bow Tie pastry and coffee after getting an X-ray for her follow-up appointment with the doctor. Le Chantilly is an informal place -- sometimes they wait on you at the table, often times you have to go to the bakery cases to get any attention. Either way, they just get what you ask for, bring it to the table, and you may not see that person again. No check. So, I was waiting at the register to be noticed by anyone of a group of employees chatting while preparing food or simply chatting, These waits can sometimes be quite long, and this was no exception, And older fellow walked up to join the "wait ritual". He kept looking back to see if his wife was coming as we chatted about the slow service.

His wife obviously had difficulty walking ,,, shuffle steps, much like Mom's were a few year back. I told him that I admired them for getting out and about. We had a minute or two to chat further before an employee finally showed up at the register. I told her what we had ordered, and said I wanted to pay for this couple; meal as well. He was a bit flustered and argued a bit -- he said it was the first time in his 88 years anyone had ever done that.

I shared the "Breakfast Fairy" story and one or two others that had given me the incentive to "pay forward" rather than pay back. I told him Alzheimer's and our determination to stay active was the common thread between the stories. It was no surprise when he told me his wife had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's about four years ago. He said he had been career military, and he thought of her disease as his "last battle". Neat couple that we will look for again.

What could have been a story about poor customer service turned in to a great "pay forward" opportunity -- what a surprise to then read you blog last night.

Love ya ... Dad


Thom Singer said...

Wow, that is great. I am always amazed at how people find similarities that bond them together in this human soup of life when they take the time to talk to eachother.

I had a comment on a recent blog post from an annonymoust poster (you and I have talked about how cold and harsh "annonymous" comments can be!) who was knocking me for encouraging people to smile and talk to others in coffee shops, etc...(he or she was defending people for not making eye contact with others because "they are in a rush or want quiet time"). Your dad's story is proof positive that connections are just waiting to happen when you reach out. (A great author I know calls that "creating ripples"!)

In honor of you mom and dad, I am going to look for the chance to buy someone's coffee, breakfast or lunch this week!!! It will be my "mom and pop harper breakfast fairy gesture"!


Kuanyin said...

Surfed over here from Tisha's blog....great to meet another blogger with a good heart!Blondie of Blog-Blond

jag said...

Just wanted to thank you for sharing these wonderful stories with us. Admittedly, when I go for my weekend brunch (a fairly regular weekend occurence!), I hardly even notice who is around me. This is a good reminder for me to open my eyes... and my heart.

Hope all is well in your part of the world today!

Steve Harper said...

Thom thanks for a great comment! I suspect that those annonymous folks have little understanding of what we all are trying to do. It's better to judge and put down than do the really hard reach outside the box and connect.

Thanks for looking for an opportunity to do the mom and pow harper breakfast fairy gesture. That is so cool!

Ripple On My Brother From Another Mother!


Steve Harper said...


Thanks for stopping by and for your comments! Look forward to exploring your BLOG and becoming a regular reader!

Ripple On!!!


Steve Harper said...


What can I and Steph are awesome. I so appreciate your support of my work!

Hope you are enjoying the book.

Ripple On!!!


Martin Lindsey. said...

Thanks for the great post on your parents. I like the "ripple effect" idea as a concept too. Keep up the good work. Thanks for another good one Tisha.