Friday, May 04, 2007

The Breakfast Fairy Challenge

For those regular readers of my BLOG you know my dad cares for my mom who is suffering from the later stages of Alzheimer's disease. Despite the obviously challenges of carrying for someone in her condition he still does everything he can to include her in his everyday activities. That includes trips to Starbucks, shopping and to one of their favorite breakfast places in Albuquerque called Wecks.

Dad is a big believer in my Ripple concept. In fact he has been so great at promoting my book that I wish I had done this ten years ago so I could have hired him full-time as my agent when he might have had more time. He really missed his calling! Anyway he is especially sensitive to Ripples when they happen and enjoys sharing the stories of them with me every time they occur.

Despite my mom not being able to carry on a conversation dad makes sure that she never just sits there. He talks to her non-stop and has enough conversation for them both and I truly believe that though this disease has taken its toll on mom she still hears and understands what he is saying to her. Well the intense love and affection that dad shows mom when they are out and about gets attention. To some it might appear sad but to most, I like to believe, it might serve as a tiny bit of inspiration as to just how to be in this world.

It was during one of mom and dad's routine trips to Wecks that this attention and the power of the Ripple collided. It seems that as dad was finishing feeding mom and was looking to settle their tab that the waitress said the bill had been taken care of by the breakfast fairy. I can almost see my dad's expression as the sheer gesture assuredly caused his eyes to water up.

It seems that another couple sitting close to mom and dad asked their waitress to put their breakfast on their ticket and paid for it. There was no grandstanding or fan fare, they just wanted to pay for that tiny bit of inspiration that they had seen exuding from my parents at the next table. It was their way of saying thank you. They left, unfortunately, without saying a word to my folks.

Dad assuredly sat there perplexed by what had occurred but no doubt basking in the after effects of being Rippled.

Since dad shared this story with me they have had several other occurrences of various people doing the very same thing. It is so reassuring to know that the spirit of kindness and recognition is still very much alive and that breakfast fairies apparently run rampant in Albuquerque, New Mexico!

So who could you be the breakfast fairy for this weekend? Who is sitting behind their laptop at Starbucks looking as if they could use a piece of coffee cake. What older couple do you see still hanging together after all these years that might be blown away by having their check taken care of? Look around when you are out today, tonight, this weekend.....who could use a little breakfast fairy Ripple magic?

Talk about an incredible Ripple!

Thank you breakfast fairy for being so kind to my parents. The stories and the Ripples are forever etched in BOTH of their minds and hopefully in those of my readers as well!

If you find inspiration in this do me a favor....don't just read it. Do something with it. Be a breakfast fairy, Ripple On, this blog post and let's see if we can drum up a lot of breakfast fairy appearance this weekend! What do you say?

Ripple On!!!

Steve Harper

P.S. Do you have a Breakfast Fairy story? Or perhaps you create one this weekend....Please share it with us! Your submission may just end up as an inclusion in my next book!!!


Cory Garrison said...


I've always been a slow learner and a C student...C+. But now I get it. Wow. Your parents are an inspiration and your Ripple Effect concept is exceptional! Not only do I get it, I will start applying it today! I do have a Breakfast Fairy story but it's long. I hope to share it with you when we connect in Austin!

Thanks forthe Ripple!


Tisha! said...

Incredible Ripple!

Dear Sir I see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree ;)

I will be sure to share some of my breakfast stories sometime.

You ROCK Steve!

Donna Karlin said...

Yep, I're amazing.

This past week I was in Monterey California for Conversation Among Masters, the inaugural conference of Master Coaches from all over the world. Joining our dialogue (which you'll see when you read my blog) was Rick Roka from StandUp for kids. What he shared with me was horrific....that there are 1.5 - 2.8 million kids who are homeless, many of whom ran away because of abuse in their homes. These kids have no food or clothes and Standup For Kids and Virgin Unite are doing something about it.

This amazing story of your parents show the loving family you grew up in. Buying them breakfast was a way of another couple showing they acknowledge the love and inspiration your father has for your mother. I would hope people all through the US would think of buying a meal for those kids who have nothing to eat because they have no safe home to go to any more. And if one person on your blog reads this and goes to their site to do something, your ripple effect Steve, has done its magic.

I am so glad we connected.


Anji said...

I came here because of Tisha. I shall try to be a rippler from now on.

Donna Karlin said...

By the way...a great way to pay it forward is to put money in a parking metre that's just about to expire. Saves the person a parking ticket to come back to. There are all sorts of ways we can pay it forward.

Since my blog post on StandUp for kids, emails have been coming in from all over the world from people wanting to pay it forward for homeless teens. Amazing the power of a blog, a ripple and how we can make a difference one person at a time.


Steve Harper said...

Thanks Cory, Tisha, Donna & Anji.

You guys honor and humble me with your friendship and support.

Tish you really started a Ripple for me this weekend! Thanks for that!

Ripple On My Friends!