Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oh Canada...Thanks For The Order!!!

Off in the distance you can likely hear Oh Canada playing while I sip ever so slowly my Moosehead Beer. The bubbly lager ignites my palette as I drink a toast to my second favorite country in the world...Canada!!!

Yes it was only yesterday that I shipped multiple cases of my book, The Ripple Effect to a Canadian wholesaler who had won an agreement to exclusively distribute my book to the Canadian Government. You can imagine my shock when they called to place their order.

"Is this the "real" Steve Harper eh?"

"Yes it is. Who is this?"

"This is Sumer from Canada. You and I spoke a few weeks ago about the possibility of us ordering your book in bulk for the government here. Well I am calling to place that order."

"Jump back (a favorite saying from the movie Footloose)! Now you do realize that I am not, nor likely to ever be your Prime Minister right? Don't want to cause a international crisis."

"Oh course I do you hoser! We don't think the other Steve Harper could possibly write as fascinating a book as you my dear boy! Besides, I have seen your videos on your website and you have a personality. No confusing you with him that's for sure!"

"Why thank you!"

"Oh course. Though I do suspect that after the folks in the parliament get a hold of your fine work they may want you to run for office eh?"

"What does it pay eh?" --- see what I did. Made him feel like I was one of them! :-)

"Oh a lot. Plus you get an unlimited supply of Moosehead Beer. Do you like Moosehead beer?"

"Does Rosie O'Donnell like to eat?" I replied.

"Who's Rosie O'Donnell?"

"Never mind. Count me in if that is one of the perks of being the Prime Minister of Canada. Have Ripple and able to relocate."

"Well....can you send the books first?"

I still have no idea how my book ended up on the Canadian Government's "want" list. I hope it has nothing to do with me being on some watch list up there! Either way, it was a super huge order for me and I can now say officially I am internationally known and sought after author.

(Well I could have said that before having sold my book into 6 other countries but never in bulk!)

Oh I must go....I believe that the Moosehead Beer guy is here with a delivery for my pre-prime minister election campaign planning and speaking tour strategy session.

Ripple On Eh!!!!


P.S. Perhaps Carlon's video actually worked! In case you missed it...click here!!!

P.S.S. Thanks for reading my BLOG. Hope you don't mind when I depart from the more serious stuff to share the fun stuff that goes on in my life! It makes it more fun because I get to share it with you....my loyal readers!


jag said...

Painful cultural stereotypes aside :-), what a great thing for you! See? We Canadians know a good thing when we see it. And with our motto being "From Sea to Sea to Sea", I'm not surprised the Ripple is catching on here...

Thanks for sharing your good news. I'm making a point of checking your blog more regularly now and am enjoying what I find.

PAX from Ottawa (where that other Harper guy works...)

Steph said...
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Steph said...

Chuckle. Enjoy your Moosehead!

I enjoy reading your blog, the light AND the serious. Thank you for your insights.

Signed: a fellow Ottawa reader

Steve Harper said...

Jag & Steph,

Thanks for reaching out. I am so glad that you are reading my BLOG and hope that you don't mind me poking a little fun at your PM.

Ripple On My New Canadian Friends!!!