Thursday, March 29, 2007

Technology Bug Strikes Again

I hate to admit it but I am a technology junkie. My wife believes I need to seek help. I have multiple digital video recorders, a rocking stereo and of course an assortment of computers, hand-held devices and my ultimate Playstation 2 and Xbox. No I haven't upgraded to the newer systems much to the surprise of those who know me.

Well I just had to share my latest purchase. For months now I have been toying with purchasing a little device called the Slingbox. This little magnificent gizmo allows you to watch whatever may be showing on your home television on your computer. Yep...that's right! You can watch your television on your laptop, PDA or phone from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Though this technology isn't exactly new as people have been able to get television to their computers for years, the Slingbox is a bit more cool. For example the Slingbox allows you to fully control your television virtually with your television or DVR's virtual remote control. For me this is so cool because I record a lot of things including the History Channel, tons of sports (shocker huh?) and a few of my favorite television shows. Now whenever I like, I can watch live television such as the news (I am a news junkie), change the channel at my leisure or use my handy dandy remote control to peruse my recorded programs and watch those wherever I am and whenever I want.

I am a fan of Jim Rome the sports talk radio guy and right now through his program they are making acquiring a Slingbox even more cost effective with a pretty snazzy discount. That's what finally got me to bite and after playing with this for a few hours last night...I am so glad I did. I am sooooo sold!

Anyway if you want to check out the Slingbox or the offer click here.

Ripple On!!!

Steve Harper

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Carlon Haas said...

You gotta love new gizmos. I am not as sophisticated gizmo-wise as you are but I did get this cool little device that reads my thoughts...I forget what it's called though.