Monday, March 26, 2007

Ripple Connection Question of the Week

It's baaaaaccckkkkk......

I know, I know I have been a bad boy and haven't been giving my loyal readers their Ripple Connection Questions on a regular basis. What can I say but I am sorry. I have had a lot to say as of late and didn't want to interrupt the flow so I temporarily postponed doling out the Ripple Connection Questions temporarily. But don't despair is your Connection Question for this week.

What Made You Most Proud This Past Week?

This question is a good one if you really want to find out something about someone. You will find that people almost invariably want to brag on something! I ask this question a lot and find that people get this cat stole the bird look on their face and end up blurting out something that really made them proud. It's infectious to see it as it happens and the insight you gain into the person as to what really makes their heart and mind go a flutter is truly amazing.

So....since I have had several of you ping me to say "Why Steve you never answer your own questions!" let me give you my answer.

This past Saturday my son Zachary made the leap from super successful soccer player (the sport which is a true passion of mine) to football player (which is another passion of mine). He started in his first ever flag football game. My little guy, who as of late, has been sensitive to his size thanks to the cruelty of some bigger bone-heads at school transformed into an 8 year old version of Brian Urlacher. My kid, yes my kid, was responsible for 4 individual tackles (flag pulls --- he's only 8 after all), 2 tipped passes and 1 HUGE INTERCEPTION in the end zone that absolutely turned the tide of the game (well maybe not, he is 8 after all, but let a dad have his moment okay?).

My son for just a short period of time forgot about his size, forgot about any of his self-doubt and played like a champion. You would have had to get a crow bar to remove the smile from my face for the rest of the day. Seeing him prove to himself he could play and play with such fierce passion and excitement was absolutely the thing that made me the most proud this past week.

Ripple On or Z-man the Terminator might be lurking and looking for another tackle! :-)


P.S. Stay tuned for an exciting annoucement about a Ripple Coaching Program you won't want to miss!!!


Arlin K. Pauler said...

Hey Steve!
This "Ripple Question" thing is really good. It is an easy to understand method for effective connecting. Are the previous questions cataloged some where so we can review them to improve our connecting skills? I would certainly review them on a regular basis until I get them memorized. What do the rest of you think?
Have a fun and rewarding day.

Steve Harper said...


Do a search at the top of the BLOG for Ripple Connection Questions and it should bring up all posts that I have done.

I also will be releasing in the next few weeks my Ripple Connection Question card sets. I will be doing several sets over the next few months as a way to help people bring the power of connection to their own lives.

We are taking pre-orders at a special price now on the main website at

Thanks as always for leaving a comment. I always love hearing from you!

Ripple On!!!!


Anonymous said...

Man your kid looks mean. Does he get that from you?

I really like how you utilize examples from your own life to teach your readers something. I know it has been said by others before on this BLOG but I really appreciate what you do. Thanks for making your BLOG so inspirational and great.

San Diego, CA

Steve Harper said...


Thanks for leaving your comments. I appreciate having you as a reader!

Ripple On!!!


P.S. The meanness comes from my wife. She is brutal on the football field!

Cory Garrison said...


What a great way to stay connected and to reconnect with!! I enjoyed your story of your son...I'm proud of him too! I'm told that I'm also one of the small guys! Who knew?


Steve Harper said...

Thanks Cory! Glad to have you as a reader!

Ripple On!!!