Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Funny

As many of you know I have the same name as the Prime Minister of Canada; we are both Stephen Harper. This has led to some pretty interesting emails and in one particular instance a lady who bought my book off Amazon (a former Canadian now living in Florida) who thought she was buying one "his early works." Boy was she disappointed to see my ugly mug when she finished the book. She went from thinking the Prime Minister is a brilliant guy to who the hell is "this" Steve Harper and why did I buy this book again?

It all turned out good and it's safe to say she is now a fan of this Steve Harper.

Anyway my friend Carlon Haas, the marketing extraordinaire that he is, has always said you need to capitalize on NOT BEING THE PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA and I have always resisted. Well apparently he got tired of trying to convince me and took things into his own hands.

So may I present....Meet and greet with Stephen Harper....the "other" Stephen Harper.

By the way....we want to see just how viral this might get. If you think this is funny, or know someone who might want to be introduced to The Ripple Effect in maybe a different sort of way....please forward them to my BLOG or send them this link:

Ripple On and have a fantastic Weekend!

Steve Harper


Anonymous said...

That is just plain funny! All this time I was reading your BLOG and you aren't really the Prime Minister of Canada. You had me fooled!

Ripple On Eh!


Anonymous said...

Classic video! Hope you and Carlon don't plan to go to Canada anytime soon. They may decide to keep you.

Dennis Strait