Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Create The Life You Want By Rippling - Lesson Seven

I have to admit that this next lesson is one that I still have trouble with and time and time again it always has something to teach me. The difference between where I am now in my life, versus where I might have been just a few years ago is important to note. I can now finally learn something when life offers up these little morsels because I am more aware and present where I can assure you it wasn't always like that. This is so true when it comes to people and trust me when you adhere to this lesson you will find an abundance of Ripples just waiting to happen for you.

So....lesson number seven is:

Don't judge a book by its cover.

How many people have entered your life for a specific purpose but you, like me, were too blinded to see it? Perhaps we were too busy to slow down and take notice or unwilling to take the time to care. Perhaps we saw someone who on the surface didn't appear to be able to help us because of the way they looked, they way they acted or because of their perceived experience.

We talk a whole lot about the filters and the walls that we have put up in our life that on the surface protect us right? But are they really protecting us or perhaps preventing us from experiencing that which is truly intended for us. Like I said, a few years ago I might not have agreed with that statement but today, the Ripples that have happened for me simply don't lie.

Yesterday was a perfect example of how judging a book by its cover can really cost you, or in this case, almost cost me!

A few weeks ago I had someone contact me about connecting to "just talk." He caught me a particularly difficult time schedule wise and I prejudged his purpose for wanting to meet with me. Because some people have abused my time and taken advantage of my advice I have become somewhat sensitive to people who "just want to talk." I must admit I pre-judged his intentions without really know what they were. What a mistake that would have been!

I was busy and sort of made this man jump through hoops to get on my schedule and yet he persisted. We did finally end up meeting and any reservations, pre-judgments, filters or walls simply melted away after meeting this delightful, energetic and incredibly engaging man for just a few short minutes. He was incredibly intelligent and very knowledgeable about what he wanted in life; he simply was seeking a mentor. I must admit I was flattered and after engaging with him a few times since, believe I likely have more to learn from him then he could learn from me. Regardless he has decided that my book, The Ripple Effect, is going to be the way he builds his new company and I swell with pride to know that my work has touched him on such a deep level.

Cut to yesterday when someone whom I originally wasn't willing to giving any time to because I was breaking rule number seven introduced me to someone whom I never would have met in a million years. The man I met yesterday because of my new friend happens to be one of the most connected and wealthiest men in Austin and someone I have admired for a long time.

So you see, breaking rule number seven would have cost me on multiple levels.

There is a line from one of my favorite movies "Good Will Hunting" where Robin Williams says, "I teach this s**t, I didn't say I know how to do it." that fits me sometimes.

These lessons are hard. They take time, they take effort and they take you to be actively engaged and present to make them work. It takes practice and every once in a while you will slip or almost slip like I almost did. But let me ask you this: What might not following these lessons be costing you?

In my case, my life has been enriched by the power of two! What might following lesson seven do for you today?

Ripple On My Friends!


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