Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Create The Life You Want By Rippling - Lesson Eight

So yesterday we talked about not judging a book by its cover right? Well lesson number eight is a perfect motivator to put that lesson into practice:

Talk To Everyone...Even Strangers

One of the sure-fire ways to start creating the life you want is to recognize nothing, and I do mean nothing, happens in a vacuum. You need people. They need you. It is simple, straightforward but so true.

The quickest way to begin creating something amazing is to reach outside of your box and start making an effort to connect with those who cross your path in life. Remember the treasure chest lesson? Everyone and I do mean everyone you meet has the potential to add value to your life. You simply have to take the time and set aside your pre-judgment to get the ball rolling.

Maybe that is someone in line at Starbucks. Maybe it's the person who always shows up at the gym about the same time as you. Perhaps it's a complete stranger you meet at a cocktail party, in the elevator or sitting on the park bench.

I know I have said it before but it is so foundationally important that I am going to say it again....people are put in our path for a reason. If you don't stretch your legs to explore why, one thing is for will never know. What might you be missing?

Take the time today and begin exploring. Take a chance. Say hello to a perfect stranger and just start talking. It may feel strange at first but trust me it becomes easier with practice. You don't have to have an agenda, just be yourself. What is on your mind today? What would you most like to know about someone? For me....I am always fascinated how many people live in Austin that aren't from Austin and that is one of the ways I bridge connection to someone I don't know.

If you have no idea how to get the ball rolling or where to find the stones to start creating the conversation Ripples, look back through my BLOG at some of the Ripple Connection questions or email me and let me help you get started.

The person who you are meant to meet is going to appear today. You aren't going to let fear or those nasty pre-judgments and limiting filters hold you back from saying hello. When you do the clouds in your world of opportunity are going to clear.

Take a chance and make something happen today.....and as always.....

Ripple On!

Steve Harper

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