Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ripple Man's New Speaker Reel

If your company brings in speakers for corporate training, team-building or executive retreats, I would love to know about it! Would you please forward a link to my website (www.ripplecentral.com) and this video to the person who is responsible for coordinating outside speakers, trainers or in-house workshops.  I have a number of powerful presentations and workshops that  can make a huge impact on your organization!

If you happen to be a meeting planner or conference coordinator (or know one - hook a brother up will ya?!?), I would love to chat with you about bringing the power of the Ripple to your next event!  My Conference Ripple program creates a perfect environment for attendees to connect and engage with one another in a way that is so better than traditional networking.

Take a look at my speaker reel and let talk Rippling for your next corporate event, meeting or conference.

Ripple On!!!

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