Friday, April 01, 2011

Ripple Friday Favorites

One of the deepest most meaningful connection points you can create with another person is to learn what they are in to right now. What is getting them excited?  What are they passionate about?  What new toys or technology (though my wife would argue they are one and the same but I digress) have they recently discovered, acquired or secretly snuck into their home or office.  Hmm maybe I am the only sneaking things in?

At any rate, I am always fascinated by what people are in to and figured you might be too.  Especially since you are a great connector.  So in the spirit of sharing, I thought I would share something that has completely changed the way I use my iPad these days.  In fact, I have to say, it's the single App that has gotten me excited about plugging back in to my iPad after the initial coolness factor had long since faded.

The App is called Zite.  They say it's the "personalized iPad magazine that gets smarter as you use it."  It's an incredibly useful aggregate of BLOGS, magazine and web articles delivered conveniently to my iPad for free! They've not only hit on my interest in a number of areas like sports, entrepreneurship and technology news but have managed to bring articles and resources to my attention from my other areas of interest such as woodworking, guitar playing and philosophy.  And they make their information completely shareable which has made sharing these incredible resources and information easy to post to Facebook, Twitter or to email to a colleague or friend.

Check out their video below and if you have an this App immediately.  Trust me, whether you are rocking the new iPad2 or kicking it old school like me (you can't see the pouty face I am making right now), you'll thank me for it.  That's why it's one of my Friday Favorites!

Zite: Personalized Magazine for iPad from on Vimeo.

Can't see the video? Go here:

Let me know what you think and as always....

Ripple On!!!

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Michael said...

Zite looks fantastic. Whe I get an I pad, I will definitely have to down load that.
Sounds like all your things that interest you are in one app. Now that's genius.

Thanks Steve