Friday, March 25, 2011

Mr. Ripple Takes Your Questions

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Chris, a loyal reader of my BLOG for the past few years recently sent in the following question: 

"What makes a good leader?"

Great question Chris.  I saw Colin Powell, one of my heroes speak a few years ago and he addressed this very question.  In fact I loved what he had to say on the topic of being a good leader so much that I often share his philosophy when I speak to executives and leaders of companies.

I am paraphrasing here but essentially he said that a good leader is someone whose troops will follow him/her if for no other reason than out of curiosity.

You see a leader establishes a real connection to the people they lead by demonstrating every day his or her own commitment to them as individuals. It doesn't happen overnight and it certainly doesn't happen because a leader deems it to be so.  Real leaders understand they have to prove themselves through their actions, their commitments and their own follow-through.  It's when they show they are willing to make the investment in the people they are in charge of that real trust is built.  That trust is a bond that is often unbreakable.

Build that trust and be a true leader and the people you lead won't ask why you are taking them where you are.  They'll simply say "let's go!"

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