Monday, February 07, 2011

Do You Have A Heart Of A Champion?

ARLINGTON, TX - FEBRUARY 06:  MVP Aaron Rodger...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeOkay I'll admit it, I got a little misty-eyed last night as I saw Aaron Rodgers hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy. I know, I know as a life-long Dallas Cowboys fan one must wonder, why should I care, let alone feel any emotional tie to the Green Bay Packers or Aaron Rodgers. 

It's simple really. I love people who are true champions.

Aaron Rodgers took over from Brett Farve a legend in Green Bay at a time when a lot of fans weren't exactly thrilled to see him. It's been quoted this week that shortly after being announced that he would replace Mr. Farve he offered a young boy his autograph after practice one day to kid waiting  outside the gate.  The kid refused his offer and quite bluntly said, "We hate you." 

It was a difficult time for young Rodgers but he didn't give up. He was committed to win over the hearts and minds of the Packer and Brett Farve faithful. Did he go out and do a lot of commercials to gain popularity?. No. Did he walk around Green Bay like he now owned the place? Not a chance. What he did do was simply win.

He put in long hours of hard work. He worked tirelessly with his receivers to gain their confidence and respect.  He showered his team with his devotion to winning and never give up attitude.  He never tried to be better than them, just one of them.

The heart of a champion sometimes only beats where the eventual champion can hear it. He or she knows their heart beats with the rhythm of what's possible, chanting them on, begging them to keep going forward. A champion's heart will get them up in the morning and help them work long after everyone else has gone home.

Aaron Rodgers showed he had a heart of a champion last night as the confetti flew and the crowd cheered. He had made it! He had taken the journey and now at last stood atop the peak of victory and oh how sweet that view must have been. So yes, as I watched it all unfold, as I saw Aaron take that trophy in his hands and celebrate it with the Green Bay fans the old Ripple Man got a little bit teary-eyed.

So as the buzz of the Super Bowl wears off and we all start a new week (and a very long off-season without football) I have to ask....

Do you have what it takes to do whatever it is you are destined to do? Do you have a heart of a champion beating inside of you?

If you do, then get to work because your peak is waiting. I'll bring the confetti.

Ripple On!!!

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