Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Ripple Rewind: Belief

Originally posted on November 23, 2009, I recently dug this post out to give myself a shot in the arm.  You see even the Ripple Man struggles with believing every now and then.  Hopefully if you find yourself struggling with something important this post might help you as it has helped me.


There is no magic bullet - despite what all the motivational speakers of the world might say.

There are no shortcuts - despite what you may be been told, what you may hear or read.

There is no attracting it - that's right, there is no secret.

It has to be something you feel in the depths of your bones.

It has to be that fuel that surges through your heart and veins.

It has to be that powerful force that overcomes that brain of yours telling you, "You can't!"

Belief is what drives us.

Belief is what keeps us on track, even when the easy road looks so much more appealing.

Belief is that voice in your head telling you to get up when you've been knocked down.

Belief is that smack in the back of the head reminding you not to listen to the naysayers.

Belief is your eternal wellspring of optimism and it often only shines brightly for you.

Belief is a warm blanket of courage when the storm of doubt blows through.

Belief is your heart overcoming your mind to demonstrate firsthand that IT is is possible.

Belief is simply stronger than any obstacle you might face.

Belief is all the natural forces coming together in concert to say, "Yes you can now go do it!"

Belief will get you where you are intended to go.

Belief is the more than capable driver of your destiny.

Belief is....


So own it.

Use it.

Never forget it.

As if never will forget you.

Whatever you want to accomplish in life begins first as either a seed inspiration or imagination which is planted in the garden of belief. You have to tend to that garden every day. Give it the proper care and feeding that it deserves; there are no days off. Don't ever let the "weeds" of doubt, yours or others, take up residence in the fertile ground. Put in the time, give the attention and take pride as your seeds of belief take hold and blossom.

Remember in the end it's those doubters and people who said, "you can't" that will be lining up to admire that which you already believed was yours.

Ripple On!!!

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