Monday, May 10, 2010

Tea Bags, Conversation & A Little Faith

Phyllis walked out of the conference session overwhelmed by all of the good information she had just heard.  Her mind was racing as she mulled over the various ways she could apply the strategies to her firm.  She was so excited that she was nearly bursting at the seams to share her new found insights with someone, anyone.

As the conference participants buzzed around the lobby of the conference center she noticed a young woman sitting alone in the corner pounding away at her keyboard and sipping on a cup of coffee.  Oh she needed some coffee but had not yet seen where the conference had put up a coffee station.  Hesitant but undeterred by her need for caffeine Phyllis walked up and said, "Excuse me.  I don't mean to disturb you but do mind asking me where you got the coffee?"

The young lady looked up somewhat startled.  Clearly she was focused on whatever she was working on the moment.  It took a second, which to Phyllis seemed like an eternity, to finally say anything.  "Coffee?  Huh?"

Phyllis said, "I assume that's coffee your drinking right?  I so need some."

"Oh this?" the young woman laughed.  "No this isn't coffee.  This is a very unique tea that they sell at the little cafe across the street.  I found it yesterday and simply can't get enough of it.  Let me tell ya sister this is better than any coffee you will find.  At least here at the conference."

Phyllis loved tea and with that they had their first connection point. 

"Um where is this place if you don't mind me asking.  This conference center is huge and I have yet to venture outside."

The woman closed her laptop, gathered her papers and with a big smile stood up and said, "Let me show you.  I'm Kay by the way."

"Oh I hate to take you away from your work," Phyllis said hesitantly.

"No bother.  I needed a break anyway.  I was just so excited to jot down a few of my notes and shoot them back to my partner in DC.  You came at the perfect time and you most certainly are not a bother Miss...Miss, hey what's your name?"

"Oh I am sorry," Phyllis said as she blushed, "Phyliss.  My name is Phyllis and I am from Austin, Texas."

"Well Phyllis from Austin, I'm Kay from DC so glad to make your acquaintance."  They shook hands and started walking.

In less than three minutes they had learned where both lived and that they both seemingly had a passion of tea.  Not a bad start at connecting if you ask me.

They meandered their way through the conference crowd.  "So what brings you to the conference Phyllis?"

"Oh I am a big fan of Malcolm Gladwell and when I saw he was going to be the keynote for the conference I couldn't resist.  To be perfectly honest with you I thought I would take in Gladwell's speech and spend the rest of the time at the pool.  Some of this stuff is over my head but you know what?  I'm actually learning a ton and so glad I stayed for some of these sessions." Phyllis felt relieved to share her secret with someone.

"Oh Phyllis you look like a very smart girl, none of this stuff is over your head let me assure you.  I can relate though.  I used to hate attending these things but now I really enjoy them.  I learn a lot and get to meet a bunch of new people so what's not to love.  But it's funny you said you're a fan of Galdwell's as I am too.  I've read all of his books."

Another connection point....and they haven't even left the conference center yet!

To Be Continued.....

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