Monday, October 19, 2009

Is It In The Genes?

Sometimes in order to find where you are today and where you should go to tomorrow it's a useful exercise to look all the way back to see if your destiny wasn't somehow ingrained in you long before you took your first breath. You see my great grandfather owned five businesses back in the late eighteen hundreds (on top of raising four kids). My grandfather, his son, dabbled throughout his career in various ventures. So much so I am convinced had he pursued it Albuquerque could have possibly been called Harper, New Mexico instead.

My dad chose not to pursue an obvious career as an entrepreneur instead opting for a corporate career as a damn fine engineer. Yet still he dabbled and was without question an entrepreneur. He was a brilliant woodworker and jewelery maker and sold a lot of his work. I remember as a kid his long Saturday afternoon sessions in the garage always carving, whittling or sawing something. He put such intense diligence into whatever he was working on at the moment that I can remember being impressed with his tenacity even as a young kid.

Three generations of entrepreneurs; three men that inspire me more than I could adequately tell you with my meager words.

I would have loved to have known my great grandfather just so I could ask him in the world he could run a general store, a livery an ice house not to mention in spare time found energy to invent and coin the term soda pop with his unique bottle design (family legend - still looking for a Harper bottle in antique shop).

I would have loved to have known my grandfather as an adult so that I could ask him how he had such diverse interests; real estate, filling station proprietor, constructing a parking garage, owning a big rig repair shop and of course hotel/motel owner. Instead to me he was just Papa and someone I got a kick out of jumping out of no where to scare the begezus out of! I feel bad now as I probably weakened his heart a great deal as a young lad.

Both men would have taught me a lot no doubt.

But with Dad I think I have learned the most. I have learned invaluable lessons such as paying attention to the details. Treating people squarely and they shall return the favor (most of the time). Respect other people's time and never be late. Work hard and never ever give up on the problem....the answers will come. And above all else, put God and family first.

Three inspiring entrepreneurs that no doubt play a significant role in where I am today. And where I plan to go tomorrow.

Was entrepreneurship in my genes? You bet. Is my success guaranteed? No. But when I carry the genes of these three amazing men I wouldn't bet against me.

Ripple On!!!


Kimberly Erler said...

It's such a shame so many amazing stories have been lost by preceding generations! What I wouldn't give to have a verbal or written account of all my grandfathers war stories & both sets of grandparents life-stories.

Lisa Grinstead said...

Great message - thanks for sharing this inspiring and motivating story that is your life -