Monday, October 12, 2009

In Those Late Night Moments Before You Go To Sleep

I have a bit of a ritual. Each night before I go to sleep I try and spend a few quite moments thinking about the Ripples I have created that day. It is in the quite moments just before I drift off to sleep that my heart grows incredibly warm and I am at peace knowing that somewhere out there I made a difference to someone.

One of the things I most enjoy about Rippling is the impact that I can personally have on someone else. For me there is no greater feeling than to know I played a role in helping someone. And that role doesn't necessarily have to be super huge either. Small works just fine thank you very much!

You see when it comes to Rippling I think the greatest reward is knowing deep down in your own heart that you did something...anything! You took action on behalf of someone other than yourself. Not because of how it would make you look. Not because of what you might get in return. take the action and do whatever it is you do because you know it's the right the thing to do and at the end of the day the score reads favorably on your world contribution column.

I've said it a thousand times and you'll likely hear me say at least another couple of thousand more - the Ripples you create for others may not seem like such a big thing to you in that moment but the impact it can have on someone else could mean the world to them. But in those quite moments alone when your mind finally settles down and lets you start thinking about the impacts you've made that very day, that's when the impact of the Ripples you've created come rushing back to you. The feeling overtakes you and it's hard to keep a smile from spontaneously appearing on your face because you know deep down inside the day you just lived was a good one.

Good Ripplers don't look for payback when it comes to the actions they take on behalf of others. They know, like I know, that the reward comes late at night moments before they fall asleep when a feeling of real peace washes over them and covers them like a warm cotton blanket. They sleep like a baby because they know tomorrow will be another day, another chance to contribute and they've got more Ripples to create.

Ripple On!!!


Sue said...

This reminds me of something I was going to tell you. A couple of months ago, I reconnected with an old friend from high school. This friend was the son of a clergyman, yet confused about his religion. He was dabbling in something new. It just so happened that my next door neighbor practiced the 'new' religion he was researching, so I introduced them. We lost touch after that and my neighbor also moved.

Two months ago, I was given a hearty 'thank you' for leading him onto the right path. Apparently, this new path has done absolute wonders for his life. :-)

And I thought I couldn't ripple. haha!

(word verification is domogi, domo is Japanese for 'thank you')

Anonymous said...

So this is my first comment. It is also from someone you haven't talked to or seen in a long, long time! Bet that got you thinking huh?

Where do you come up with this stuff? I love your BLOG. I find myself hoping I will get some of your words of wisdom every day. You should stop doing whatever it is you are doing and start BLOGGING every day so you can keep keeping me inspired!

As I had not problems with that back in the day and it's so great to see you've turned into this amazing person and are doing it for everyone...not just girls you used to date!

Keep Rippling Mr. Ripple!


Ann Miller said...


We need to hear what Steve was like back in the day.

Ann M.

Terri Blanton said...

I knew it....Steve was always a Rippler! How in the world did you let him get away Christy!

Anonymous said...

From; Your greatest Ripple fan

Great post … and incredibly timely. A couple of nights ago I was close to finishing my big bowl of hot and sour soup at one of my favorite Chinese restaurants when there was a small commotion at the door. A lady with a cane and her husband with a walker were trying to get in the door. Amy, the owner, and her son were trying to help prevent either of them from stumbling. The couple sat at a table across from me. She told Amy that they had heard they had the best shrimp and lobster sauce in town and so they wanted to try it. The lady smiled at me as tough she was looking for help understanding the heavy accent. I commented on the great food there, and that I enjoyed their conversation, but I had to listen very closely to understand. We got into a great conversation, she asked me, Amy and Riley a lot of questions, and added alot herself.

I was amazed to learn they were both 93 years old, and were married for 68 years. She had a Masters degree in Education. He had a Masters and PHD in Electrical Engineering from MIT. Since it was early evening and they both had substantial mobility issues, I asked if they lived close by, expecting to hear the nearby retirement facility. “Not real close, but my husband is a very careful driver – we still live in our own home”

I was so impressed by the couple I told Amy that I wanted their dinner check. Amy, of course, told them right away. “Thanks so much, but why on earth would you do that?” --
leading to more enjoyable conversation and great Ripples flowing back and forth.

I too thought about the great Ripples in both directions... I didn’t even try to keep the smiles from appearing!

Love ya … Dad

Steve Harper said...

Sue that is a great story! I keep telling you girl you are a Rippler to the nth degree! And I feel so blessed that I can you call you a friend!

Steve Harper said...

Hey Christy...great to hear from you. Glad you are reading the BLOG but please don't tell Ann or anyone else what I was like way back when. I blame it all on youth and have chosen to erase much of it from memory. Hope you are well and enjoying life!

Steve Harper said...

Ann - stop that! :) Terri I don't think she knew what she had! Just kidding....we just dated a few times and I was the same dork that I am today. Everything happens for a reason...because I married the real woman I was supposed to be with!

Ripple On!!!

Steve Harper said...

Hell might be freezing over right this very instant! My dad has posted a comment on my BLOG! I am so honored.

I loved hearing your story the other night Dad and of course took the inspiration and sort of cultivated it into the idea of this post. You are the king of Ripples sir and I am so inspired by all the incredible people you are meeting along the path of your journey. Keep these amazing stories of connection going and now that you know how to post a comment...I better hear from you a lot more!

Love ya Dad!