Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Off The Grid

My dad came into town for a visit last week hence why I have been off the grid. It's his first trip to Austin since my mom passed away. Usually his trips down here were to get a break from his 24/7 care of my mom and get a small respite from their joint struggle with her Alzheimer's Disease. Every trip here he looked more tired and more worn out than the trip before.

Of course this trip is different.

Dad's focus these days are on other things (his church, Mom's butterfly garden, his new passion:Kiva.com) and he looks more relaxed and comfortable. It's been a struggle though, knowing what to say and what topics to stay away from. He still gets very teary eyed when something reminds him of Mom and that is hard for me to see; I hate seeing the old man get sad. Though in my heart of hearts I know that those moments are a real testament to the love he had for her. We could all be so lucky to experience that kind of love in our lives.

We've enjoyed some good fishing (he's not happy I have caught more than him though!) and today as I face our last official outing, I find myself growing really sad to see him leave tomorrow. I enjoy our time together more than words can possibly express. To me he is more than just plain old Dad....he's my best friend.

Thanks for your patience while I take a few days off from BLOGGING and just enjoy the time! I'll be back soon no doubt with a few lessons learned from the old man to share!

Ripple On!!!

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