Wednesday, September 09, 2009

What Can 9-9-09 Inspire You To Do?

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Well folks it's 9-9-09! How cool is that?

Hmmm what can we do with that? Surely there is something. Let me think, let me think!

AhHa! I've got it!

Make a list of 18 really cool people. Maybe they are friends, business acquaintances or cool and interesting people you've met online through a BLOG (hmm say like this one?) or through a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter.

Come on you can think of 18 cool and interesting people can't you? Heck my problem is just limiting it only to 18.

So that's step one. Now for step two.

Write all of these people's names on a list. Break that list in half. This is where a little brain power is required. Look at each person individually and determine at least one interesting factoid or creative talent or skill that you know they possess and that will be your
Connection Point (you know how I love those!). Now look at the other people on your list and start matching who needs to know who and get the picture.

The final and most critical step is step three. Take Action TODAY!

Introduce, connect or somehow engage each of the 9 people on the first side of your list with the at least one person from the other side of the list. Use the Connection Point as your baseline for why you are connecting them and give a little heartfelt push and encouragement and sit back and let the connecting and Rippling happen from there.

Do you know that if you connected 9 people with 9 other people that your would easily improve your standing with each of those people 10 fold ---- oh wait I had a theme going here! Let's call it 9 fold instead! (Smile)

Heck what if you connected all 18 people with one another! You will have created 81 total connections from this little exercise. And you thought you weren't that powerful! You carry a big rock and have the power to create many big Ripples my friend! Wait a did I sound like Tonto from the Lone Ranger there? can either sit on your hands today and watch 9-9-09 go by like every other day or you can step up to the plate and use this magical number day to do something with it. It will only come along once in your lifetime so why not give it a go?

Come on people! Let's Ripple!!!

Ripple On!!!

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Anonymous said...

I did this. You are right....made a lot of great introductions and people really, really appreciated me for it!