Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Bob Dole Sure Knows How To Ripple

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As I opened up my trusty Wall Street Journal this morning, I found an illuminating article by Gerald F. Seib about former presidential candidate Bob Dole. I almost missed it tucked in between the story about civilian patrols going rogue and the liquid bomber guilty verdict. The pressure of a busy morning schedule loomed so I knew I have very little time to read the paper. I so could have easily passed over the mention about Mr. Dole in my rush to skim the articles bu fortunately for me I did not.

Bob Dole has a special place in my heart. Though I will admit I knew very little about him when he announced his run for president in 1996, I did come to respect and admire the man a great deal. As he made his push for the office I did more and more research on him and found his distinguished military and political career to be inspiring and educational. I felt a particular affection towards his passionate push to memorialize the heroic actions of our World War Two veterans.

Shortly after he lost his bid to be president, I was attending a sales conference where the secret keynote speaker turned out to be none other than Mr. Dole. He had recently signed up to do a series of commercials on ED, erectile dysfunction, and the guy used that to crack some of the funniest and most illuminating jokes I have ever heard. He was engaging and funny and at times downright emotional as he spoke about his now squashed desire to be our president; somehow making it seem like his destiny would never be fulfilled.

It was during that speech that I became a big fan of Bob Dole the man. He had turned his attention away from his disappointing loss and was now focusing on bringing awareness to our country's need to have a World War Two memorial. The passion and sheer determination he demonstrated that day was inspiring and motivating to me on so many levels. Today at age 86 he is still out there demonstrating that passion and commitment by making sure each of those men and women who fought or played any role in the war know how much their service to our country still means. Talk about a Ripple!

Mr. Dole is undoubtedly creating Ripples of untold magnitude for each individual he touches. As I reflected on what this man continues to do today, the hearts he continues to touch, I wonder if perhaps this wasn't the destiny he was ultimately supposed to fulfill. If so, he's done it so very well.

I encourage you read this article and to Ripple it on to those who may be as inspired as I am.


Ripple On!!!
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