Monday, April 06, 2009

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Austin Review

Well all I can say this morning is that I walked away from yet another Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band concert absolutely blown away. His nearly three hour twenty-eighty song show in Austin, Texas last night had to be one of the best ones I have seen yet!

My friend Chad and I had amazing seats ---- front row stage right! Front row...did you catch that? Yup....right smack in the action thanks to one of my fellow Ripplers Randy Cohen at Ticket City.

We had exceptional view of both the band and all of the incredible things that go on offstage. The seats were so close that we could almost reach out and touch The Boss as the energetic showman bounced around the stage like a kid half his age. He is one word....amazing!

As I watched last night's show all I could think of was how much of an inspiration Bruce and the band have been to me over the years. His music is an old friend telling a story that no matter what might be going on in my life, there is a lesson concealed below the notes and the harmony to which I can hear, understand and utilize. Bruce's faith and belief in the ministry of music and it's therapeutic power to cure much of what ails you couldn't be closer to the truth.

Based on the reaction from the audience last night, I am most certainly not alone in that assessment.

As I lay my head down last night I realized how truly exhausted I was and yet somehow magically I couldn't go completely to sleep. I drifted in and out of consciousness playing various parts of the concert over and over in my mind and feeling absolutely amazing!

Until next time Boss......I will keep the faith, live the passion and remember I was Born To Run Ripple Style!

In case you are interested, check out an article that I wrote a while back about what Bruce taught me on the power of passion:

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