Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Get Off Your Ass...et

I don't know how many times in a week I might be approached with a new business idea, some one's desire to be an entrepreneur or some one's very real need to make a significant life or career change. Maybe a dozen times conservatively? I have a lot of connections!

I usually always sit by and let the person who wants to share their "news" with me get it all out without saying much. After their excitement or in some instances, their desperation, is all out on the table I ask a couple of significant questions just to gain a better perspective and to challenge their impassioned position.

What's holding you back right now from making this big move or change?

Why do you think that now is the right time?

What does your life look like if.....?

What scares you or keeps you up at night about making......?

So why are you still talking about it instead of actually out doing something about it?

Who, other than me, do you need help from in order to make or do......?

It's amazing how many of these questions bring the significance of their change, the obstacles they may face or the next steps that must be taken to the forefront. Questions have a funny way of doing that don't they?

I am a big supporter of people. I like to see people take control of their own lives and their own destiny. I believe that beyond a shadow of the doubt that each of us owes it to ourselves to be in control, to make our lives our own and to use our inherit talents to improve our own lot in life. I also believe that most of us come equipped with the talent assets to make whatever change or improvement to our life that is necessary, but only if we truly get clear and take consistent forward action.

After all is said and done and the questions have been answered I conclude most conversations with....so get off your Ass...et and go do something right now to get yourself closer to "whatever" it is you want to change, obtain, achieve or do!!! I usually use my best cheerleading voice which since you are reading this you just have to imagine.

Because you see unless you get off that Ass...et of yours that true passion, your true talent, your true path of destiny....none of it can ever be realized.

So no matter what it is in life that you want to make happen you have to realize that you already come equipped with the single biggest asset necessary to realize that which you dream. ...that's you!!!

So get up get out our of your own way and go make it happen!

Ripple On!!!


carianne said...

Directed questions do work wonders in helping clarify...thanks for the kick in the ASS...et!

Jennifer Fink said...

I'm curious how many people take the questions as inspiration and get going, and how many just slink away.

What advice do you have for people who *want* to achieve their dreams, but can't seem to muster up the courage or ambition to get off their ASS...ets?