Thursday, April 02, 2009

You are Either Climbing or Falling

Life is a constant and ever changing process which makes it difficult to remain truly stuck. I hear from many of my clients that "I'm stuck. I'm going no where." That is so not true. In fact quite the opposite, those feelings of being stuck actually mean you may not be climbing but rather falling.

In my opinion your life is always evolving either for the good or the bad. No one ever is stuck. In fact if life isn't exactly going as planned then by gosh it might be time for a new plan. That decision my dear friend is completely yours to make and yours to take. So why not take it?

I believe that in order to live a fuller more meaningful life you must be striving every day to be more, do more and excel more. You are given a gift every day as you wake up and you have air in your lungs and a beat in your chest. The choice to live better, be better and to climb closer to that which you most desire is plopped right in the palm of your hands every day.

So why do so many waste it?

They play the excuse game. If I had only changed jobs a year ago I wouldn't be so miserable today. If I had only finished school I might be smart enough to start that little business I've been dreaming about. If I had only updated my resume to look like her's then I would have gotten that killer job. If I had the kind of luck of he has then I would have that big mansion on the hill. The list goes on and are likely familiar with a few of your own I bet!

Excuses are an anchor around your neck holding you back from achieving anything you want in life. The anchor wants you to feel sorry for yourself. The anchor wants you to slide further down the hill towards the bottom. The anchor laughs at your gumption of having dreams and wanting more - after all who do you think you are?

There is only way to traverse the mountains you have in your life: take action and make the decision to climb towards your ascent everyday. You can never conquer anything, whether it be a goal, a desire to get a new job, or make that important connection without taking a step every single day. When you do you will find that you will climb higher and higher until one day you finally reach the summit leaving that anchor of disbelief and doubt languishing at the bottom...where it should be.

So I ask you my friend, are you climbing or are you falling? I've got a hand extended to you, the next step isn't that hard. Come on with me and take it won't you?

Ripple On!!!

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