Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Steve On Networking

Maura Thomas, friend, colleague and all-around Rippler recently invited me to speak to one of her business groups in South Austin. Here's a short clip from that event.

For those of you receiving this via RSS feed or other reader platform you can find the link by clicking here: http://budurl.com/tssq

If you have an organization that is struggling with how to best go build connections with prospective customers, current customers or simply need some new ideas and strategies to strengthen relationships within your own company, I would be honored if you would consider me. The Ripple is a powerful concept and is needed now more than ever!

Ripple On!!!

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Anonymous said...

As someone who was in the audience let me tell your readers that this video doesn't begin to do what Steve does justice. He is a tremendous speaker with a lot of passion for what he speaks about. I found myself actually mad that he wasn't given more time to speak by the group. Clearly people stuck around because they wanted more of what the Ripple guy had to offer and to be honest he was the only reason I attended in the first place.

Steve you are awesome. Keep it up and I hope to make your speaking event tomorrow night. Several of my colleagues are coming to see you so look for us all!

Christy T.