Monday, February 16, 2009

BBQ Connection In February

Yesterday my family and I were invited to a neighborhood BBQ that one of our neighbors was kind enough to host in their front yard. Of course a BBQ in February may not sound normal, especially to all of my Northern readers, but I live in Austin, Texas where winter really doesn't mean winter down here. Plus we had one of those perfect pre-spring Sunday afternoons so conditions could not have been more perfect for a lazy afternoon BBQ.

My neighbors went all out for this shindig renting one of those huge jumpy things so the kids would have something to do and providing hot dogs and hamburgers for us all. All of the rest of the neighbors brought an assortment of desserts, side dishes and drinks and the entire event came together perfectly.

This was the first time our entire block had actually been invited to do something together. With all the different neighbors from the north and south sides of our block I don't recall in nearly five years living in the area having the opportunity to meet, let alone visit, with many of them. Sad when you actually think about it. Aside from the occasional wave to one another, we don't really know one another.

What I noticed yesterday was all it took was one neighbor with an idea: everyone come to my house and let's have a BBQ. From there the rest of what was supposed to happen just happened naturally. There was no hard and fast agenda, people just showed up and started hanging out together. Conversations, introductions and a whole lot of laughs just happened. There were smiles, insightful conversations, talk abut the economy and peoples' layoff worries and of course a whole lot of neighborhood scuttlebutt. No pretense, no neighborhood clicks, just a bunch of neighbors getting together to break a little bread together and you know what? It was an absolute blast!

Sure before yesterday I knew some of my neighbors on a one on one basis but it took my neighbors, Kristin and Charlie, to bring us all together as one - our little Kettleman community if you will. Because of their efforts I now know a whole lot more of my neighbors and I trust a whole lot more of them now know me and my family. Pretty good way to spend a Sunday afternoon if you ask me!!!

I can't wait until the next one.

Ripple On!!!


Sue said...

Oh this makes me long for the days when I lived in town. You know, I've never met half of my neighbors. They all know who we are because my landlady is quite social, but we're not. Maybe I should ask her if we can host something like this. It would be fun, ya?

Anonymous said...


As always you take something so simple and turn it into a life lesson. You are so great at that. It makes me want to throw a party and invite all of my neighbors over just to Ripple with them.

Ripple On Bro!