Monday, August 04, 2008

Ripple Your Way To A Better Week

Happy Monday! I trust each of you had a relaxing, safe weekend. Mine was fantastic and though I had committed to do some work this weekend, I goofed off instead. Now only as I look at all of the things I should have done over the past few days do I begin to feel a bit guilty. Okay....not really.

Mondays present each of us with a unique opportunity. As I talked about a few weeks ago in my post titled Launch Pad Monday, Mondays, and how you approach them, can decidedly play a role in what kind of week you are going to have. I believe it's all in your attitude and how you approach them that truly makes the difference. So if that's the case why not tip the scales in your favor?

I truly believe that the more positive actions or Ripples that you create on someone else's behalf will return to you in ways you can never imagine. Call it karma, call law of reciprocity or call it life's way of adding a little extra interest to your life's luck account....good things tend to come back to those who are creating good things for others.

Of course with one caveat -

Real Ripplers don't do things for other people with some lofty expectation of reward; they do it because the Ripples need to be done. They focus on the impact their actions can have and make on others and let the karma of their actions and any residual reward they receive come in its own way and time.

Mondays prove to be a great way to get yourself thinking in the Ripple mindset. Think about the people that will cross your path today, both people you undoubtedly know and complete strangers. What can you do for them? What action can you take on their part to make an impact on their day? Is it opening a door for a stranger and offering a bright smile and a hearty good morning? Is it buying a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line at Starbucks or taking one back to that overworked receptionist at the office? Perhaps it's buying the lunch for the military folks who are lunching across the restaurant from you. There are literally countless Ripples you can create to make an impact or help someone if you just take the time to think about it.

The greatest feeling in the world is to do something for someone when they least expect it. Ripples come in all sizes and no matter how small or insignificant they may seem at the time to you, you have absolutely no idea who big they are for the person you just Rippled for. Why not use this Monday as your starting point? Why not stop for a few minutes and think about who in your life needs a Ripple and decide just how you are going to help create it for them. And while your at it why not be a little more conscious of the strangers you encounter and how, in your own special little way, you could surprise them and make their day as well

The point is to do something....anything! The world awaits you and desperately needs the impact you and only you can make. Why not give it a try and just see how different your week ends up looking.

Ripple On!!!


Totally Consumed said...

"... like a ripple turning into a wave - the right vision, in the right place, at the right time can move the masses ..." ~Totally Consumed

Steve Harper said...

Totally Consumed,

You are so right my friend!

Ripple On!!!