Friday, August 01, 2008

Ripple Rewind: Cheryl Ladd Strikes Again

I couldn't sleep this morning. I was not feeling well (which totally bites because it is a Friday) and decided to get up. I thought what I needed was to go for a run; get the juices flowing and clear my head. Well that didn't work and I barely lasted a mile. I was feeling pretty puny.

I decided to cut my run short and head home. I quietly turned on the television downstairs hoping to kill a little time until I could go upstairs and grab a shower and head out for the day. As I sat there in the darkness of the morning television glow, trying desperately not to wake the sleeping family which slumbered peacefully upstairs - it happened. Another Cheryl Ladd "Yes I am getting older commercial."

Like a young Greek man who's stumbled upon Medusa I was instantly turned to stone. My hand refused to respond to the command to shut the horror off. The commercial sucked me in and played with heart like a like a rubber ball attached to a wooden paddle. The cruelty of those marketers. The horrible reality of my once hot love affair with Cheryl Ladd reopened like a festering wound that refuses to heal.

If I felt bad before....I began to feel much worse now.

Relive the death of the Cheryl Ladd fantasy as shared in my BLOG post in January 2007. Click Here to read more.

There's not enough chicken soup in the world to squelch the pain that had almost been forgotten and healed. So sad. I am quite certain therapy may be needed this go around.

Ripple On and have a great weekend!


Sue said...

If it's any consolation, I am decades away from the horror and literally bouncing happy about it.

Did that help?


Drew McLellan said...


As you know...we share this same horror. Here's the cure. Go grab your DVD set of Charlie's Angels, season #2. Watch the Hawaii double parter...

It works much better than chicken noodle soup.

She will always be the sweet, gun-toting Kris Monroe to me.


Shaune Haas said...

I hadn't read the original post and got a good chuckle out of it. You poor thing!

I suppose I'll feel the same way when John Travolta starts pitching Geritol or Depends instead of dressing in drag for movie musicals. Or when Bon Jovi becomes the new face for the latest nose hair trimmer!!!

Love it! Have a GREAT weekend!

Shaune :)

Gordon said...

They say that growing older is not for sissies. Now we see why!

Steve Harper said...

Sue, help at all.


Steve Harper said...


I am running right out to get season 2 now! Great suggestion!

Thanks my friend.

Ripple On!!!


Steve Harper said...


Now that is too funny. Bon Jovi pitching nose hair tremors. The end of civilization will be occurring at the same time my friend!

Thanks for the comment - totally made me smile!

Ripple On!!!


Steve Harper said...


We do. We absolutely do!

Ripple On!!!


Steve Harper said...

Oh and Sue....

Forgot to tell you to....

Ripple On you youngin!

thelimeusa said...

I do not feel sorry for you and Cheryl Ladd. How about me and Farrah Fawcett? I think we are much worse off!