Friday, May 16, 2008

As Featured on Bigg Success Podcast Show

It continues to amaze me how many incredible people I have the sheer pleasure of meeting along the path of my Ripple journey. Thom Singer, friend and fellow BLOGGER of Some Assembly Required connected me to fellow BLOGGER Joshua Hinds with Business Networking Advice. Though I was somewhat connected to Joshua through Twitter we didn't know each other all that well. Thanks to Thom, Joshua tapped me to be interviewed on his BLOG back in March.

Joshua and I hit it off immediately and I have enjoyed reading his BLOG and discovering his other work these past few months. Well to make a long story short, Josh connected me with Mary-Lynn Foster and George Krueger with the Bigg Success Podcast Show and they just interviewed me. The interview can be accessed by clicking here and I hope you will take a listen and check out the other interviews Mary-Lynn and George have recorded. They have some really inspiring and motivational podcasts that I think you will no doubt like!

Anyway I just wanted to thank Thom, Josh, Mary-Lynn and George for this incredible Ripple and their individual support of me and my work.


Ripple On!!!



Thom Singer said...

Happy to be the inital rock that started the ripple (you like the way I work in your own lingo!!!).

Good to see you at the Leadership Austin / Bootstap Austin event the other night. There is a photo of you on my blog getting your book signed by Dr. Friedman.

Keep up all you do to connect others to ripples that bring joy and success.

Happy Weekend.


Tom Magness said...

Steve -- Nicely done. I enjoyed the Bigg Success interview. You are the real deal, my friend! Thank you! Hooah! TM