Monday, March 03, 2008

Ripple Connection Question Of The Week

Ripple Connection Questions are a unique way to engage people in conversation. Whether with a complete stranger or someone you already know, but want to know better, using Ripple Connection Questions (RCQ) accelerate the dialogue and deepen the connection. The questions are by design, fun to ask and fun to answer, and can take your connection to an entirely new level. Come on, break out of that shell of yours and start Rippling.

So with no further adieu....this week's Ripple Connection Question is:


I love using this question at networking events and pulling it out before someone can ask me "So Steve what do you do?" The uniqueness of the order of words is always perfect for creating a temporary brain scramble on someone who is used to the same old boring way of networking. This question gives people a reason to pause and to really contemplate what you have just asked them and the answers you will get will simply amaze you.

For example here are some I recently received which gave me great insight and massive opportunities to stir some new connections in an entirely different (and much more fun) direction at a recent networking event (I had to attend).

Ted - Insurance Agent - Would rather be a gourmet cook with a little bistro in the South of France

Marianne - Army Recruiter - Would rather be a professional skydiving instructor and work only with kids from broken homes to teach them what is possible when they push themselves

Mark - Salesman - Would like to be a whitewater raft guide. He only feels at true peace when he is the mountains.

Suzanne - Stay-At-Home-Mom - Would rather travel the country (with kids in tow of course!) promoting a children's book that teaches valuable lessons.

No matter who the question is asked of you will undoubtedly find that everyone can come up with something that person would rather be doing. And the details of what that something is can open up a world of possibilities and connection for you both. Give it a try this week and see what kinds of Ripples this powerful little question can create for your connections!

Ripple On!!!

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