Monday, March 17, 2008

My Little Leprechaun

The strangest thing happened to me on the way to my office this merry morning. As I drove my truck jamming to some Jimmy Buffet an awful ruckus came from my back seat. I pulled over to see if my laptop bag had fallen over or if the boxes I had neatly stacked for a presentation I need to give this week had somehow gotten loose.

There in the very back of my vehicle stood the smallest little leprechaun. He held a wee pint of pint of beer in one hand and my book in the other. I hadn't slept well last night so at first I thought I must be imagining things. I rubbed my eyes and this seemed to amuse the little guy as he said, "Ah Stevie my boy, I am real. Just as sure as you are standing here, so am I my lad."

My mouth dropped open. A further chuckle welled up from inside him as he said, "If your lips have parted in hopes that this here beer is for you, well a 'sorry' is all I can offer....this here frosty beverage is mine and boy it sure is tasty!"

I proceeded to ask him what in the world he was doing in the back of my Ford Explorer at such an early hour. He grew serious. He took a long sip of his beer and set it down. "You see here Steve I come to tell you a secret. A secret so big that The Order of the Leprechauns thought it important enough to send me to this faraway land to reveal it to you personally. That was no easy feat I can assure you because homeland security here is none to fond of us leprechauns."

"Ahhhh okay," I said. "So Mr. Leprechaun what is the secret?"

He sucked down the last bit of beer and poof the mug disappeared and was replaced by a long pipe. He toked on it a good while before answering. He looked at my book in his left hand. It was nearly as big as he was. "Your secret my Irish cousin is this...." He disappeared. Poof!

I frantically looked around and he was no where to be found. I sort of panicked. I looked for my phone so that I could get Kathy, my wife, to immediately look for the nearest psychiatric hospital when all of a sudden he reappeared on my left shoulder laughing a big belly laugh. He said, "You aren't going crazy and I haven't left you. No, in fact all of us are pulling for you but sense that something has been holding you back." A confused look washed over my face. "Yes boy, you know what I mean."

My book which was now lying in the back of my truck magically levitated upwards so it was right in front of us both. "The secret my boy is with this here book big things are supposed to happen. With your words lots of people are to be affected. With your heart you can and will change how people see the world and the relationships they have in it. But in order for this secret to be revealed, you must first believe in yourself. Then you must confide in a few close friends and reveal this secret so they will believe in you as well. They will in turn help you by cluing others in on your life's work and more people will become wise to your Ripple Effect my boy. It will be then that the luck of your Irish heritage will take over from there until alas your message is known in many lands."

I just stood there dumbfounded. The darkness of the morning began to break with the light of the approaching sun. The leprechaun patted my confused head and said, "Don't strain something my lad. You haven't had your coffee yet this morning."

My little leprechaun friend then asked me if I would autograph a book for him to take back to Ireland with him. I of course agreed and signed it with a note of thanks. He opened one of his pouches and gave me a gold coin. "This coin is to remind you whenever you begin to doubt yourself that we Irish never give up. We Irish never quit trying. Oh and of course...we Irish are always the last to close down the pub."

With that he hopped off my shoulder and bid me a Happy St. Patrick's Day and reminded me to go forth this day and reveal my secret. Then he was gone.

So on this, undoubtedly the strangest St. Patrick's Day morning I have ever encountered, I reveal my secret to you, my friends. Perhaps all I need is a little Irish luck to take my amazing journey to a whole new level and with your belief in me, that very well may just happen.

Hey...the little green dude said it so so who knows!

Ripple On and My The Luck of the Irish Be With You & Yours!



jag said...

How lucky you are to have met a real, live Leprechaun!! :-) Once again, great message Steve. Thanks for shining your creativity our way...

Pace e bene,

Steve Harper said...

Thanks Jag. The Leprechaun said he might pay you a visit before he left to go home. Did he?