Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Getting to "It"

What is "it" that you want in life?

Have you defined what "it" really is and what it might mean to you once you have it?
Have you committed "it" to paper; a paper you look at every day?
Have you socialized "it" amongst your peers, friends, business associates and any stranger on the street who will listen?
Are you taking baby steps towards achieving "it" every day?
Does achieving "it" consume your waking thoughts and dreams.
Is attaining "it" driving your actions

People wake up!

In order to have whatever "it" is you need to be asking yourself these hard questions and...here's the kicker....be able to have answers for them. Otherwise "it" hasn't quite reached the point of must have, must get, must achieve, must earn, must....you get the picture.

So, go get to "it!" "It" is out there just waiting for you.....

Oh and let us all know how we can help!

Ripple On!!!



Sue said...

hehe. What if our 'it' is simply to enjoy my life for what it's worth, every second of every day? It's not a tangible it, but it definitely makes me happy.

nFriedly said...

I have two friends that do this now, a waiter and a waitress. They both pick the dollar amount that they want to earn that night in tips, and they write it down inside their order book. Every time they're taking a customers order, they are reminded of that goal they had and they almost always make it.

What you tell yourself that you can accomplish has such a huge impact on what you actually accomplish. Believing is amazingly powerful.