Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Buzz In The Air Was Palatable

So as I sat down for a much deserved breather after my panel presentation yesterday, I was able to just sink into the scenery and just watch and listen. The air was fully charged with a unique spark of energy and excitement that unless you were minus a pulse was hard to ignore. The enthusiastic hum of more voices than I could count was filled with serious thought-provoking discussions coupled with light banter and humor with a little sillyness sprinkled in for good measure.

People were interacting. People were creating. People were connecting.

Million dollar ideas were being tossed around like bags of Cracker Jacks at a baseball game.

Criticisms about this product, service or presentation were being lobbed back and forth in heated discussion and debate.

People were investing time and big dollars in their liquid appetites just to be there. Hmmm....Dad send money!

Tongues were loose. Hugs were not uncommon. Smiles were all around.

Strangers that no longer were.

and the other unique unconference conference things that are occurring in Austin right now is proving to be both fun and exhausting. But I am not complaining mind you; in fact far from it.

For a people watcher like myself, these past few days have proven to be nothing short of amazing. It has been intoxicating just to be a part of all the buzz and excitement and I can't wait until next year!


Cory Garrison said...


Sounds like an incredible event. I was hoping to actually experience SXSW this year but I'll be a week late.

Keep creating connections!


Carlon Haas said...


You plan on letting me ride the ripple coattails next year. I'll so make the trip.

Sue said...

You make it sound so pleasant. Definitely intriguing.