Monday, October 22, 2007

Ripple Connection Question of the Week

Ripple Connection Questions are a unique way to engage people in conversation. Whether with a complete stranger or someone you already know, but want to know better, using Ripple Connection Questions (RCQ) accelerate the dialogue and deepen the connection. The questions are by design, fun to ask and fun to answer, and can take your connection to an entirely new level. Come on, break out of that shell of yours and start Rippling.

So with no further adieu....this week's question is:

What is one childhood fantasy
that you still secretly wish
had actually happened?

Let me let my readers in on a little secret. I was a super hero wanna be. I am sure many of you were. But I honestly used to dream of being called in as a replacement for Peter Parker. I always thought he was a bit of a limp noodle and someone like me could spice up the old Spidey image. And...with me at the helm there was no way the Justice League wouldn't come calling.

Like I said.....fantasy. Though I still think I could look pretty darn buff in the old tights!

What about you? What wish do you still secretly hold onto?

Ripple On!!!



MagnumVox said...

Well... throughout grade school (starting in 3rd grade), before going to bed I would stand in front of the bathroom mirror every night and tug on my ears and eyebrows. I wanted sooo very, very much to be a Vulcan like Mr. Spock.

I wanted to have his smarts and strength, be able to do that awesome neck pinch and mind-meld, and (of course) eventually command the USS Enterprise.

In many respects, that fascination with space, the future, vast possibilities, and previously unknown life has never left me.

When I do get to command my own starship, it will be named the USS Indomitable Spirit!

Julie said...

A childhood fantasy I had for years was to become an American Indian Princess. I read many stories about settler children who were kidnapped and raised by the American Indians. They learned to ride horses bareback across the plains and slept in teepees. What an adventure!!
I had long, straight, dark hair that my mother would painfully tug into two perfectly neat braids every day. And I had inherited from my older sisters a faux leather dress with painted designs, headband and a necklace of wooden beads that I wore on Halloween for three years in a row. This was the '70s, so my dress was mini-length and had lots of fringe. It was spectacultar, and, I thought, pretty darn convincing...Hmmm. Wonder if I can find a get-up like that this year?!?!

terri said...

Rockstar! Predictable - yes. Unattainable - definitely! But sure was fun to dream about.

Anji said...

I was going to be Supergirl and fly up onto the flat roof at school and return everyone's ball to them. I hoped that if I could do that the popular girls would be nice to me.

(Fortunately I am a happy adult!)

Steve Harper said...

I love all of these! You guys all so ROCK!!!

Ripple On My Friends!!!