Friday, October 19, 2007

Have To Let It Go To Let It Grow

So last night Liberty Harper-Simonsen (nope, we're not related) presented The 8 Minute Ripple to the Women's Franchise Network out in Los Angeles on my behalf. This was big for me as up until now, I have been the only one to host and coordinate a 'Ripple.' However, I had a conflict in my schedule and could not travel to Los Angeles to present to this important group of women so I asked Liberty to go in my place.

From the early returns it was a success!

I would be lying to you if I didn't share with you that I was a little nervous. Not that Liberty wouldn't do a fantastic job but that the same passion and intent behind why I created the concept in the first place would somehow not be the same without me. Well that was just plain wrong.

Liberty knows why this concept works. She understands why it is sooooo applicable for people in the all types of businesses, including franchises. She got it the first time she heard me talk about it. She really got it when she saw me do a 'Ripple' for the first time and knew how much this process would have helped her former Franchisees.

She drank the Kool-Aide and in the process taught me a lesson.

In order for me to get where my concept needs to go, I have to trust in myself and let go. I have to be willing to let the concept grow and expand and develop outside of Steve Harper. I literally have to let it go to let it grow.

I don't know if Liberty actually thought that she was teaching me this lesson but over the past twenty-four hours, it was a lesson I actually learned. I am just glad I was paying attention.

Thanks Liberty for believing in my dream and adding a little piece of your "star power" to the Ripple!!!


MagnumVox said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!

Kudos multiple times over to you and Liberty for taking this growth step together!

This is another outstanding example of the power of the Ripple.

Anonymous said...

That was truly a difficult step for you but one I am sure will make a remarkable difference in countless lives. Imagine - YOU x 1000's carrying your heart's message!

Maybe now we will see the facilitator training in full swing and I can't wait to see it happen.

Tom Magness said...

That's great news, Steve. I wish my schedule would have allowed me to attend out here in LA. It is always a great thing when we can empower others and see them take off! The Ripple might become a mighty Wave out here on the West Coast! Hooah!