Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Never Stop Casting

I love bass fishing. In fact if I could do just about anything on any given day it would likely be out slinging some bait into the water hoping some big bass comes a swimming by and decides it's his or her (I am an equal opportunity fish catcher ya know) time to bite.

Nothing is more thrilling than when you see a bass surge out of the water to attack whatever you have offer it. The power and shear force from which it strikes is one of the surest ways to get the old heart pumping. It's pure joy when you can successfully hook the fish and boat it. It is truly one of my sincere passions and due to my crazy schedule I don't get to do it nearly enough unfortunately.

While running this morning I was thinking what an amazing morning it would be to be out on the lake casting. My bait hitting the water just begging for a fish to come get it and the thrill I would feel when it did. I know I smiled to myself as I saw in my minds eye the look on my face as that fish strikes. Then out of no where somehow my train of thought switched to connections and that same smile but rather than holding a fish....I was holding the hand of someone I really wanted and needed to meet. Don't ask me why....exercise makes me think of some pretty wacky stuff but stick with me for a minute.

When you are looking to make the kinds of connections you want to make for your personal and professional life it is very much like fishing. You have to put yourself in the right spot to meet (errr catch) the people you really want to meet. And NO I am not suggesting you go to the latest networking lunch to do it. Cast the only bait you have: your smile, your energy, your presence, your interesting way of starting a conversation. Cast yourself out there with the people at the mall, waiting for the hostess to seat them at the restaurant at lunch, or (I'll say it again as if you haven't heard it a million times) standing in line at Starbucks. Where ever you find yourself find yourself casting.

Like with bass fishing, you have to constantly be testing new spots on the lake or river and of course you make a lot more casts that result in no fish but that's okay! In order to catch something, anything you have to keep casting. Building your community of connections is very much the same way. Never stop casting and always be looking for the right fishing spot and cast yourself out there.

The hook is you! The value you bring to this life is certainly undeniable and people will see that when you make the effort. The smile, the great way you go about being you is like the best colored worm to a bass....it will attract them...lots of them. You my friend will undoubtedly land that big catch that could forever change your life but you must never ever stop casting.

In the sea of people, there are those who are right now hungry for what you have to offer them.

Go cast!

(No fish were harmed in the making of this BLOG)

Ripple On!!!


P.S. Are you in Austin and want to talk life or career strategy, business development, or simply need another set of ears on an idea? Well fall is in the air and the weather is finally cooling down so why not take advantage and have a meeting where you probably least expect it....my boat! I am scheduling half and full day strategy sessions right now. Come on...get out of the office, do a little work, drown some baits and walk away with a completely different perspective on whatever it is you need help with!

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