Friday, September 21, 2007

Breakfast Fairy Strikes Again

In May I shared a post called The Breakfast Fairy Challenge. The post was inspired by the amazing tales my dad has shared with me of the people, most anonymous, who have bought his and mom's breakfast and lunches "just because." Dad makes a point to take very good care of my mom who is suffering from the later stages of Alzheimer's Disease. One of the ways he keeps her active is to take her out a lot to breakfast, lunch or over to Starbucks for a "little treat" in the afternoons.

People notice them. It's hard not too. My mom doesn't speak, at least not much that is audible these days, but dad feeds her and carries on enough conversation for the both of them. His loving way has struck a cord that is undeniable. I swear the amazing generosity that people have showed him would humble even the harshest of hearts. The regularity from which it happens amazes even me.

Dad isn't just a taker either.....he repeats the favor by picking up the check of random strangers. He enjoys it, I can tell, and the more he does it, the more that he seems to have the favor returned. Talk about a Ripple!

Talking with my dad the other night he retold a story of his latest Breakfast Fairy encounter that I just had to share. Apparently dad and mom were having breakfast at one of their yummy breakfast spots when dad saw an older gentlemen walk in with the aide of a walker (or crutches). Despite the man's apparent difficulty walking he seemed to walk with purpose and somehow Dad always seems to notice things like that.

Anyway, my dad watched him meander back to the back of the restaurant out of sight. He waited a bit and then when the waitress came with his and mom's check he asked her to go find that gentlemen's table and give him his check so he could pay for them both. She did as she was asked and returned shortly with both checks in hand and left them on dad's table. My dad continued to finish up feeding my mom when the waitress reappeared and said she needed both checks back. Dad assumed she had given him the wrong checks and continued on chatting with mom.

A few minutes past and no checks came back to the table. Dad caught the waitress and asked what had happened to the checks. She said "they've both been taken care of?" It seems that a couple who had been watching my mom and dad adoringly overheard dad's plan as he explained The Breakfast Fairy challenge to the waitress and why he wanted that buy that complete stranger's breakfast. They apparently were inspired and anonymously took the challenge to heart and picked up all of the checks.

Dad was so moved by what had happened that he sought out the older man who was, now sitting with three other people, to tell him the story. From there the legend of The Breakfast Fairy continues to grow and prosper and I bet there are at least six or seven more convents to this amazing new movement.

Anyway, I wanted to share the links to our previous posts in hopes that we can inspire some of our newest readers to join our Breakfast Fairy Challenge. The earlier posts can be found by clicking these links:

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Hope you will take The Breakfast Fairy challenge, watch the amazing Ripples you will undoubtedly create and come back her to share your story with all of our readers. The action you take may be just enough inspiration to make someone else want to step up to the challenge and wear some wings (fairy's have wings right..?)!

Have a wonderful weekend my friends.

Ripple On!!!


terri said...

Your dad sounds so incredible. I feel like I've gotten to know him a bit through the loving things you have written about him. I know that I use the word "inspiring" in, oh, about every other comment I leave here, but I can't think of anything more appropriate. Your dad is inspiring. Thanks for continuing to share stories and encouraging others to be like him.

julia ward said...

I'm amazed at the devotion and honor our parents display at some of the most desperate of times. My mother cared for my father who had Parkinson Disease for 18 years.

I sometimes take issue with the Random Acts of Kindness theory. I'd like to see a "Determined Thoughfulness" bumper sticker. We should be thoughtful to all we meet and especially to those closest to us. It's so easy to be unkind to our children or spouse and then be generous to a complete stranger.

I think the "ripple" should start in our own heart!

I'm so glad I found your blog. What a great place to get an attitude adjustment.

julia ward - a blindingheart - a writer's blog

blessed1 said...

I love this story. Your dad is an amazing man, who I aspire to be like. It does feel good to do random acts of kindness.
Two weeks ago a lady was short .50 cents for her purchase, I easily popped up to quarters on the counter for her as I left the store. To me it was no big deal....fifty cents is nothing in the grand scheme of things. But to see her face, gave me so much more...she was amazed and so thankful. It feels great to do simple things for others.w