Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ripple Connection Question of the Week

Those of you who know me know that I am a big believer in continually learning. I relentlessly pursue knowledge reading 35+ business books, 5-10 "interest" books and at least one or two good novels per year. I didn't always like reading but during these past few years it has become my addiction and I simply can't quench my thirst to learn as much as I can about a lot of things! I can assure you that Amazon.com isn't complaining.

I highly encourage my clients to find their thirst for knowledge and rediscover their limitless curiosity about life. We all have you know? We may just have temporarily misplaced it!

Whether through books, hobbies or areas of interest I think it is incredibly important to stoke the old coals in the cabeza cabin (that's your brain in your head for you gringos). School doesn't stop when you leave high school, college or earn that advanced degree. In fact, your education, the real education, begins when you start individually searching for it.

Life offers each of us an amazing array of bounties which drip with possibilities and undeniable opportunity.

So in keeping with that theme I give you this week's Ripple Connection Question.

What is something you were
proud to learn this past week?

Asking this connection question will undoubtedly open up an entirely new perspective and dialogue with those whom you wish to connect with. Give it a whirl and come back here and share with us what you find. Perhaps the person you ask will, through their own excitement in answering you, somehow encourage and motivate you to want to play and explore for yourself.

Good Learning...Good Rippling...

Ripple On!!!

Steve Harper

1 comment:

marjie said...

that is a good question. as for me, I learned that aggression from men makes me ache emmotionally because of my past experience with dealing my dad's own previous aggression issue. I had a man at my work who would constatly yell and curse infront of everyone when he gets frustrated, and I've had to work my way to avoiding him because his behavior makes me feel uncomfortable. I'm still learning how to deal with it all really....but at least I've become aware of the issue!

great post....keep rippling on!