Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hey Business Leader - It's Time To Draft!

As I watch the NFL Draft today (oh how I love this time of year) I can't help but think how much can be learned from this experience by business leaders out there in the real world. Think about it. How much time and effort do each of these NFL teams spend evaluating, analyzing and cultivating the talent that they expect will take their teams to the next level? A team's next season hangs in the balance of drafting the right players, making the right trades and eliminating those who are their weakest link.

What can a business leader learn from this process? How much time and effort is your organization dedicating to finding and focusing on the getting the right players on your team? Do you spend time mapping a plan to go fill skill positions that are critical to your organization's success? Do you have all employees aka "coaches" keeping their eyes peeled and their ears open for that great free agent?

Which organizations have your talent of tomorrow? What are you doing to get your company exposure with those individuals and recruit them to want to play for you next season?

Build your own team's draft board. Look at your team like an NFL team would. Do your current "players" have the talent and depth that you need or should you be scouting potential replacements.

Every day is draft day when it comes to building and strengthening your corporate dynasty.

You're on the clock and it's time to make your selection.

As for me....I am headed to the fridge to grab a frosty cold one and watch and wait to see where one of my favorite college players, Brady Quinn, will go.

Ripple On!!!

Steve Harper


Beth said...

I couldn't agree with you more. It seems the only time most organizations worry about looking for talent is when someone leaves - then it becomes a race to get someone in who "will do."

Thanks for the post...

Steve Harper said...

Thanks for the comment Beth. You are absolutely well. Organizations would be so much better off if they could start building a talent bench well in advance of an opening. That way there is no rush to pull the trigger and the organization can make sure they are getting the person they want versus getting a body to fill a spot.

Ripple On!!!


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Chuck said...

Very powerful reminder to those of us who are business leaders. I have never thought of scouting talent like they do in the NFL. Cool reference point and one that I know my leadership team can understand.

Glad to have found your BLOG. I read it regularly and it is one of my favorites.