Monday, April 30, 2007

Calling all Rippleheads: Help Us Grow and Win!!!

Well if Jimmy Buffett can have his Parrotheads, why oh why can't I have my Rippleheads? Of course I can't claim to be as cool as Mr. Buffett (at least not where I will admit it that he might read it) but I can tell you that my BLOG readers and the fans of the almighty Ripple sure seem to be just as loyal as his.

Well one goal I forgot to mention in last week's post was increase our Ripple community. Oh the quandary as to how to do that? How to grow readership of the BLOG, participation in the online Yahoo Ripple Community and increase subscriptions to our free Ripple On News & Notes Newsletter. Bottom line, how to get more people talking, connecting and Rippling online?

Well in order to get a powerful Ripple someone has to cast a pretty big stone. So here's what I am thinking....Why not make spreading the word of this BLOG and the other "stuff" fun, engaging and perhaps even rewarding. Like IPOD rewarding!

So will you my faithful readers will help us grow our Ripple Community and turn a whole new audience of people into Rippleheads?

Here's what you do. There are a couple of ways to earn a "chit" in the Ripplehead APPLE IPOD giveaway.

Decide who in your network of amazing friends, family, colleagues, associates or semi-conscious connections would benefit from what we talk about here on this BLOG.

1. Refer said friend, family member, colleague, associate or semi-conscious connection to this BLOG and have them sign up to begin receiving the BLOG updates delivered directly to their email. (Psst....upper right corner of this BLOG).

2. Ask them to check out my website at and if inclined ask them to sign up for our Ripple Effect newsletter otherwise know as Ripple On News & Notes. Let them know to sign up at the bottom of our website's main landing page; lower righthand corner.

3. If they want to really get funky and help us grow our new Ripple Yahoo Community and add to the conversation then you can send them to the Ripple Community link on our website and for a quick and easy sign up for our Yahoo community. Or simply send them here:

We will be emailing everyone that signs up to verify who referred them. If the person you refer signs up under one of the three suggested areas, you earn one "chit" towards our drawing of an Apple IPOD. If your referred person signs up on the BLOG, Yahoo Ripple Community and for The Ripple On News & Notes you earn five "chits."

One last BONUS....if your referral ends up buying a hard copy or eBook version of my book The Ripple Effect of, you automatically get an additional five "chits" entered into the drawing. How sweet the Ripples are!

Easy...peasy...nice and easy!

So my fellow Rippleheads...are you up to the challenge? You may just Ripple your way to a brand new IPOD by helping us spread the word and adding a few more Rippleheads!

Contest begins at right now and runs until 9 P.M. May 15, 2007. Winner will be notified by email by the close of business on May 16th.

Grab those rocks and start creating some Ripples and help us take the Ripple message and conversation to a whole new level.

Ripple On!!!

Steve Harper

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Daniel Kline said...

Great seeing you yesterday. I think this is a wonderful idea! I have already sent out about a dozen emails to my colleagues that need to know about your important work. I hope we can get some of them adding to the conversation.

Keep on Rippling!