Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gotta Get Goals - Tag Your It!

I recently signed up for and have simply been overwhelmed by the amazing community of Bloggers and just generally cool people that I have met over the past month or so. One of those amazing people is a Blogger by the name of Marjie who created The Cure For Silence Blog. Check it out as this young twenty-three year old really has some great posts and an interesting take on the world.

Marjie "tagged" me last week to participate in a series called Gotta Get Goals where I have to outline five of my goals and explain why I want to achieve them. This tagging thing is a fun way to encourage Bloggers to connect and learn something about one another on a whole host of interesting topics, questions, etc...

So thanks to Marjie for thinking enough of me to "tag me!"

My Gotta Get Goals are....

1. Take The Ripple Effect to the big time....I want to Ripple Nationally Baby!

I want my concept of Rippling to reach epic proportions. I want people throughout the country to learn how easy it is to connect and Ripple their way to build more successful personal and professional relationships and ultimately better lives. By getting the concept traction in all parts of the country I want to stimulate more interest in the book and in organizations and companies willing to bring me to them to teach them to Ripple.

2. Write The Second Book's about time that I get crackin on my second book! I have learned so much these past two years and I know that my experiences and the amazing stories I have collected will manifest into something amazing.

3. Create the Ripple On Course

This is sort of cheating as I am almost finished (development wise) with this goal but it is worth sharing it anyway. I wanted to create a program based on The Ripple Effect that is like no other follow-on training or coaching program out there. I have worked hard to put together a "experience" that I think for the right person will absolutely help them take their personal and professional life to the next level...Ripple style of course! The 12 month intensive program is called Ripple On and I am truly excited about how it will apply the concepts and the content of not only my book but my own personal philosophy for success.

4. Get More Centered

I want and need to find some more time to focus just on me. I plan to stick to my exercise regime (lose a few pounds and gain some more muscle) and find more opportunities to get quite every day so that I can open up the old cabazza and let my creativity flow!

5. Show More Gratitude Every Day

I have an amazing life filled with a vast assortment of incredible people (including you my faithful Blog readers) and I don't nearly say often enough how grateful I am for every one of them. I have so much to be grateful for and I intend to show my gratitude through my thoughts, words and deeds every day. there are my five Gotta Get Goals.

Now it is my turn to "tag" a few people whom I know we will all enjoy hearing from and perhaps playing a hand in helping them achieve their Gotta Get Goals.

Asha Prasad

Thom "Two Booker" Singer


Carlon Haas

Drew McLellan

Matthew Homann

Donna Karlin


Ripple On!!!



marjie said...

A well written post! Definitely.
Your final goal was the one that spoke to me the most. It makes me think of all the little things in life that I take for granted and makes me realize my definite need to incorporate "gratefulness" into my daily life.

Thom Singer said...

Very interesting challenge you post here. I will accept the task and write my post by the end of the week. I find it to be fitting with today's (Monday) post on my blog...sort of the next step to the question I was pondering.

For what it is worth, I think you are well on your way to hitting all your goals. "Big Time" is within your grasp.


Arlin K. Pauler said...

I wasn't tagged but I suppose your post is open for comment from all.
I see a synergy between your goals. It seems to me that your external goals are supported and empowered by your personal growth goals. As you create more time for “for your self” and express your attitude of gratitude, you will be elevated to greater mastery in achieving your other goals.
Personal development seems to be the basis of achieving our aspirations in Life. In fact, I think that it is our potential as Human Beings that forms our aspirations in Life. Maybe we climb our mountains not just “because they are there” but more because the climbing will make us more of the Human Being we most need to be. At any rate, I have found that when personal growth is the purpose of our goals we are more successful.
As for “Big Time” it’s relative. Compared to where you were two years ago, you are “Big Time”. I’m sure that the expression of you gratitude for your current success that will generate the inspiration and clarity for the next level of “Big Time”. Keep on keeping on – Rippling.

Terri said...

Goals... goals... I guess it's about time in my life I developed some! Thanks for the challenge, I'll get on it and post sometime this week.