Monday, February 12, 2007

Create The Life You Want By Rippling - Lesson One

I often get asked by people as to what the secret to my success has been. It would be easy to say, "Read my book" in a meager attempt to convert more people into readers of The Ripple Effect. Or I could say come hear me speak or hire me to consult or mentor you or your team.

That kind of response would likely hold no immediate benefit for me and likely would give pause to anyone who might consider using the Ripple for their life and business. So I follow one of my mantras that has served me pretty well through the years and ironically is my first lesson in creating the life you want by Rippling:

"The most self-serving thing one can do is live their life selflessly. Selflessly give of their time. Selflessly give of their knowledge. Selflessly give of what ever they have to give."

So I give. The knowledge and insight that I hopefully impart I believe is the truest example of the Ripple in motion. I have this knowledge, this way of life and I believe it is God's purpose for me to share it and share it often. Help those who need help period!

Will my efforts always be directly rewarded? Depends on how you look at the answer I suppose. Will everyone who asks for and receives what I have to give repay me? I must admit that may not happen. But that really isn't the point. I have a strong belief though I may not get repaid directly by the person I am helping; the law of the Ripple will always pay me back in other ways. Call if luck, call it Karma or call it the strengthening of my heart, the Ripples always return to me and are often more abundant and more rewarding than I could ever imagine.

Who needs something today that you either posses the knowledge, the skills or the contacts that could help them? Take the first step and create the Ripple for them. Expect nothing in return. In fact, ask for nothing in return. Like NIKE says...."Just Do It."

You will find that you just took the first step to creating the life you want by Rippling!

Ripple On!

Steve Harper

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