Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Team Connectiveness - Part One

How connected is your team?

No, I mean seriously.

Do you know how engaged your folks are at work?

If you are the business owner, executive or team lead, you might be saying to yourself, "why do I care if my people are engaged or like one another?"

To which I would politely respond "you better care of else!"

A company who does nothing to actively encourage or assist employee engagement may really be missing the boat. They may be losing untold dollars from the company's coffers as well as encouraging core talent to defect.

The Gallup Poll recently reported in their semi-annual Employee Engagement Index that a mere 29% of employees are actively engaged on the job. A big indicator of how engaged an employee is on the job comes from how connected they feel with the people they work with and for. No connectiveness often means less effort and productivity and as you can imagine the negative Ripples extend from there.

It has been reported that employees that are disengaged are costing the U.S. economy nearly $300 Billion a year. Yes...a Billion! If you are in a leadership or ownership capacity for your company, what percentage of that enormous number is your organization responsible for?

This has become a very important focus as of late for my Ripple work because I believe connectiveness, especially in a team environment, requires a Ripple-centric approach to all aspects of team interaction; especially when it comes to individual and team connectiveness.

When I talk to companies of all sizes it has become increasingly obvious that they are finding that "team building" and rah rah sessions are short on substance, high on cost and lack sustainable results. So what is a company to do if traditional team building, which is so obviously needed, isn't delivering what is needed to help company employees cooperate, communicate and interact?

Well it may be time to learn to Ripple.

Stay tuned for Team Connectiveness - Part Two.

Ripple On!!!

Steve Harper

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