Monday, January 22, 2007

Ripple Connection Question of The Week

"How has the word Can't stopped you
from really achieving
what you
really want in life?"

This morning I was writing in my journal and for some reason the word "can't" kept spinning around in that head of mine.

I can't make it work at XYZ Corporation because they are too big.

I can't possibly get national press for my book because I am no Malcolm Gladwell.

I can't get the impact that I want out there in the world because who am I and why would anyone want to listen to me?

I can't get my BLOG read by thousands of people.

Well can someone say negative self-talk? I don't really focus on these statements mind you but rather I believe they get implanted in my brain from some higher (or perhaps lower) force to vet my real desires of achievement. They come up regularly and I believe when I let the "can'ts" get the upper hand, I am on the back side of failure.

I believe there is no "can't" but rather can or won't. Someone people who claim they "can't" do something are either afraid of or unwilling to put in the work that it will take to make "it" happen. Can't is a word someone came up with to make it simple for us to choose the path of least resistance. A path littered with broken dreams, promising careers, better relationships and happier lives.

The reason I choose this Ripple Connection Question of The Week is because I believe that when you ask people about their self-perceived limitations you gain some extremely valuable insight into them as a person. Their "can't" may be just be waiting for you to ask that question and to provide the "can and let me help."

Just think of the connection that you will make......

Now here's my request to help me with my "can't."

Answer this Ripple Connection Question this week. Post a comment here and share with us a time that "can't" held you back. Share this BLOG with people whom you think might benefit from it.

Help me spread the word of the Ripple and drive the word "can't" forever from my vocabulary and hopefully from yours as well!


Ripple On My Friends!!!


1 comment:

Arlin K. Pauler said...

Im not going to share a "can't" story because I can.

An important thing I've learned about self limitation is that with a "can" attitude "can't's" can be instructional. Inside of every "can't" is important imformation about how I can move forward with the very thing that seems blocked. My challenge is to reframe the "can't" in an instructive context so we can see the opportunity in the situation.

There's more on this idea if anyone is interested post your comment and we can all respond.

Be mindful of the kind of difference - Ripple- you really want to make, Arlin.