Thursday, January 25, 2007

Team Connectiveness - Part Two

Tuesday's BLOG prompted some interesting emails and phone calls. I always appreciate hearing from my readers and having an opportunity to exchange ideas and strategies. So please keep 'em coming!

One of the interesting questions came from Chris a CEO of a mid-sized software company in California. Chris asked the question "So how do you know when your team isn't connected?"

Chris you must have been reading my mind as that was exactly what I was going to discuss in part two of this series.

How do you know if your team is connected or not?

I would suggest you look, listen and feel.

Look at...

How your people interact with one another.
  • Do they show respect to one another especially when things are emotionally charged?
  • Do you see people actively present and engaged with one another?
  • Do you see people spending time with each other outside of work; going out to lunch, grabbing coffee, making plans to see each other for the big game?

Listen to....

How your team talks to one another.
  • Do they communicate openly without sarcasm or judgment?
  • Do they ask with genuine interest about each other's weekends, kids, outside work activities?
  • Do they avoid talking about the tough topics when they come up?


The kind of energy that resonates around the office.
  • Are people genuinely warm/cold close/distant to one another?
  • Does the energy rise or fall when certain team members enter or leave a work area?
  • Do you feel tension during staff meetings or anytime various departments or teams have to interact?
Obviously there are literally hundreds of questions I could ask you here that could better qualify or disqualify whether team connectiveness might be a problem for your company. The bottom line is whether you are a business leader or simply an employee, you know from your own personal experience if any of these statements resonate. You probably also know that when any of these questions are answered with a less than positive response that may be a sign there is trouble in paradise.

In my next post we will talk about the revealing impact the lack of team connectiveness can have on a company. In the mean time, I want to hear from you. I want to hear if any of the above questions resonate with you and your team and just how it is affecting you and ultimately your company. Please email me at or give me a call 512-577-3700.

Until next time....

Ripple On!


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