Friday, December 08, 2006

My Friend Thom

So last week a friend of mine, Thom Singer who is a brilliant author, speaker and all-around good guy started his Praise Other's Project on his BLOG. The POP is a neat collection of people that Thom finds inspiring or motivational and he offers a neat little summary of why you might like to meet them as well.

Thom's vision with this series is fantastic. He really has tapped into something and has opened my eyes up to a whole series of new, inspiring people that I might not have otherwise known about. I know you will enjoy reading his POP posts as much as I have.

I was honored to be selected as Thom's first choice and can not tell you how much I have appreciated this special recognition. You can see his post by clicking here.

Thanks Thom! I appreciate you, your friendship and your ongoing support more than you will ever know!

Be sure to check out Thom's excellent book Some Assembly Required by clicking here! It makes an excellent holiday gift!!!

Ripple On My Friends!


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Thom Singer said...

Steve- Thanks for mentioning the "Praise Others Project". It turns out that it is a very rewarding process to look around for people to "praise" everyday. There are sooooo many. At first I was worried about finding 31 people to praise in December....but it is easy. I think everyone should take the time to "praise others".