Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Ripple Results of Smiling (Part 1 of many I hope)

Okay, just had to share this as it drives home the value of what I talked about on Monday.

Elizabeth, a loyal reader of the BLOG called me yesterday all excited about her experience with Smile Monday and just had to share. It appears that she may have just smiled her way to a job!
It seems that Elizabeth doesn't necessarily need a reminder from me to smile at complete strangers but on Monday it didn't hurt. Apparently on Monday she was sitting at her favorite coffee shop and reading her favorite BLOGS which of course includes yours truly. She reads Monday Smile and looks up and notices a man sitting with two other men a few tables over. Just at that moment she catches the man's eye and she smiled brightly and notices how he smiles back! A great connection for sure but it gets better.

It seems that when the man was finished with his meeting, he came over to her table and asked why she was in such a good mood for a Monday. She explained that she is always in a good mood and Monday for her, reeks of opportunity; a new week of surprises ahead! Great way to look at Monday don't you think? Then she tells him about my BLOG and the post she had just read and how it reminded her to smile even brighter than usual and to notice what happened. Thanks for the plug Elizabeth!

Well it seems this isn't the first time Elizabeth has been noticed for her great smile by this man. They chit chatted for a few more minutes and it seems that this man had noticed how cheery she seems to be most mornings when he comes into the coffee shop.

He learned that Elizabeth was out of work and suggested that they connect later this week to talk about an opening he has in his customer service department. He apparently wants cheery people who brighten up a room servicing his customers!

She very well may have Ripple Smiled her way to a job!

Who says a smile can't change anything? Elizabeth may very well disagree with you.

Keep the great emails and stories coming!

Ripple (and smile) On!

Steve Harper

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