Monday, August 28, 2006


This past Thursday night I was fortunate to be the keynote presenter and facilitate a modified version of my 8 Minute Ripple at the Austin Human Resource Management Association (AHRMA) annual conference. I was both honored and humbled to have such an opportunity, especially considering I was the kick off event! The organization and all of its conference volunteers and helpers treated me and my Ripple helpers, Asha Prasad and Prince Rahman very, very well. I wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who made us feel so welcome and appreciated!

Despite a couple of unique obstacles, like a mic failure and some back of the room distractions, both my presentation and the "ripple networking" went extremely well. I met many, many amazing human resource professionals and their feedback was amazing.

It is truly rewarding to know that the concepts and ideas that were once merely contained within this small brain of mine are finally coming out and being responded to in such a positive manner. It truly is amazing to see the positive ripples that are coming from these ideas that mean the world to me and have played such a vital part in my success.

The positive energy and the amazing feedback and the many thank you’s I have received since last Thursday night fires me up and simply makes me long to do more and more presentations to groups, conferences and anyone who will listen! :-)

Thanks again to my two wonderful helpers, Asha and Prince whom without their vital involvement the presentation and overall event would not have been nearly as successful. You both are the best!

Until next time.....

Ripple On!

Steve Harper

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