Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday Smile

I want to offer you a challenge this fine Monday. Why? Because it is a new week and the opportunities are there for your discovery.

So here's the challenge.....Are you ready?

Smile at three complete strangers.

That's it! Just smile at three complete strangers and notice what their reaction is.

If you want to ratchet that up a bit and really make your Ripple bigger.....

Tell them when they return the smile "That's the best smile I have seen all day!" Then watch the explosion happen! Smiling at a complete stranger is one thing but noticing them for something that most people don't ever comment on will make them feel like a million bucks! Trust me on this.

For those of you have read my BLOG, my book or know me, know that I believe that even the smallest of actions (which we might find insignificant) can have the biggest impact on others. This process is otherwise known as Rippling.

So go forth my faithful and loyal readers and go make someone's day. Do it today, do it tomorrow and through the rest of the week. See what kind of impact you make and what kind of stories come from the experiences. I bet there will be some whoppers so don't be shy to share them with us. Either email me directly or post a reply to this post.

Ripple (and smile) On!!!

Steve Harper

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Donna Karlin said...

I love how you think!