Friday, April 28, 2006

Steve's Steps To Being More People Friendly Step 3

So let's review....we have Decided to be more people friendly. In order to be more people friendly, there is a great deal of Understanding that needs to take place. Now what?


I often tell people if they want to make the biggest difference, impact, impression, etc. to the people that they encounter in life, they must first start with heart. All too often, we let our brains do all the heavy lifting and our mind sometimes has a tendency to run you in a direction that isn't necessarily congruent with a people friendly outcome.

We have all done it. We meet someone and immediately we let the brain take over and start analyzing. We subconsciously start judging the book by the cover. Is this person someone that can help me? Is this person someone that wants to take advantage of me? Is this person worth spending any time with what-so-ever? Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah (as my friend Terri would say!).

The moment we let this happen it's game over! Trust me. No matter what your outter personality might be saying, or what you communicate, people can and will detect you are not being genuine. For some of us we call it the BS meter!

People friendly people don't let their brain and by extension their mind be the only thing that leads them. Everything they do in life, every single interaction is done with heart first. Whether that's talking to a co-worker, a friend or a complete stranger, they don't judge the person and they allow their actions, their body language and even their words to be more heart focused.

Isn't that approach a bit naive? Doesn't that mean I am going to open myself up to being taken advantage of?

Something amazing happens when you decide that you are going to lead with your heart. Your "spidey senses" get heightened ten-fold and you become more aware of the people and their intentions. We all know that some people simply aren't worth the investment in time or energy and it's funny but your heart can lead you to that conclusion a lot faster. The problem with our mind is we will play games with ourselves. We will calculate, we will deduct, we will analyze and put people and their intentions through multiple tests and hoops and give multiple chances. All the while, we waste our time, energy and focus. When we lead with our heart and have a people friendly focus at play, we detect who is genuine and who is not, who is worth spending time getting to know and who isn't. So no it isn't naive by any stretch of the fact I think it's a more efficient way to live your life.

If you want to be more people friendly, make sure that your heart is in alignment. If you only want to do this because it will make you more likeable and thus more profitable in your business, this won't work because deep down, that's your mind at work...not your heart.

Heart focused people engage because the experience, whatever that, life, standing in line at the movies, etc... is so much more enjoyable when we are enjoying it with someone else. These kinds of people seem to drip with charisma, passion and jest for life. Some of us tend to judge these kinds of people as being "different." Why? Perhaps it's because it's easier to put down than to put out and what a shame.

Find your heart, make sure you are in alignment and get ready for the next step!

Until next time my friends.....

Ripple On!!!!

Steve Harper

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