Friday, June 01, 2012

Why Do You Do This "Ripple Thing?"

"Why do you do this Ripple thing?  I mean there can't be very much money in it."

That was a question posed to me recently by someone who had asked me to meet with them.  They needed my help.

At first I thought it an odd question to ask and a daft assumption to make especially of someone you've asked out for coffee and had just received some pretty darn good advice (if I do say so myself).  Perhaps it was the way she said it, almost challenging me to defend why I do what I do.  As if my work was somewhat trivial.  It would have offended me if I had let my ego take over but I didn't.  Instead, I decided to explain.

I'll paraphrase for you.

You see I'm passionate about helping people.  I have a knack for solving problems, giving good advice and connecting good people to one another.  It's through these connections that I've seen some amazing opportunities flourish.  Business partnerships born. Romantic relationships started. Life long friendships that maybe never would have happened had it not been for my willingness to start a Ripple.  

I do the Ripple thing because it's what I was born to do.  It's my passion, it's my purpose and it's my life's work.

I then posed a question to this person that they weren't expecting.

How many people can say they are fortunate enough to do their life's work?

And as for the money, I'm rich in ways that usurp money.  I have my brand. I have my reputation and I have my relationships.  All three combined make me richer than most.  Oh and I do get paid. I get paid by the people who value my time, leverage my advice and use what I have to teach.

A sudden twinge of guilt and panic washed over her face.  I could tell what she was thinking.

Don't worry, today was on the house. 

Ripple On!!!

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