Sunday, June 03, 2012

Not Bad For An Introvert

I could never have dreamed up the crazy cast of characters that permeate my life.  For a self-proclaimed introvert, having so many incredible relationships with so many different types of people is incredibly cool and rewarding.

My wife comments that people are drawn to me but I am not sure that I agree.  I think that for the first twenty years of my life, people by and large were pretty darn good at ignoring me.  I saw it firsthand.  That's not to say I didn't have great friends during those years, I just had far fewer of them.

So what changed?

Well, I figured if life wasn't going to give me the luxury of having people discover me and naturally being drawn to wanting to be friends with me, I needed to do something.  I needed to get myself noticed.  To be perfectly honest, I did this because even though putting myself out there to connect with other people was pretty darn scary.  But the thought of not being out there not connecting with people was even scarier.

So I made the first move.

Shy, scared and introverted, I rolled a lot of dice and took a lot of chances.  I started conversations with anyone life put in my path. Still do come to think of it.  Some of those conversations went no where but many of them went far beyond where even I could have imagined. It landed me business partners, new friends and even my beautiful wife.  They led to many interesting paths and quite a few incredible discoveries. Discoveries of amazing people I never would have met had I not put on a brave face, a welcoming smile and said hello.

I'm reading a lot these days on character and self-discovery.  A couple of the books which I'll highly recommend in a future BLOG post have me reexamining my life and the relationships I am fortunate to have.  The books have me thinking and it also has me appreciating where my life is right here, right now.

For instance, I appreciate that I recognized being lonely sucks and I am grateful I realized this pretty major point early in my adult life.  I appreciate that saying hello to a stranger opens up a world of possibilities, for both myself and the stranger.  Those possibilities often become the seeds of mutual respect, support and friendship.

I'm grateful for the life that I've made for myself.  I have an incredible wife and two amazing boys. I have a friendship with my dad that most kids would relish to have with their parent. I have more friends than any one person should be allowed to have.  And I have a network of people who will help me do just about anything, all I have to do is ask.

The crazy cast of characters, many of you who read this will smile because you'll know you're one of them (yes, Kathy you top that list), make me content and happy beyond measure.  Some might say, I'm anything but an an introvert but I'll be one till the day I die.  But the introvert with the most relationships is said to win so go ahead and give me the medal now 'cause that contest is over.

Ripple On!!!

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